Thursday, January 19, 2017

American Kabuki Blog Challenges David Wilcocks Disclosure Information From Recent Coast to Coast AM Interview

The following article is by American Kabuki with commentary from an entity named Terran.  I am not familiar with the background story of who or what this being is and its relationship to American Kabuki.  I have received multiple emails about this specific article and am posting it for your awareness so you can have another perspective.  Apparently this being named Terran does not agree with the information that David Wilcock, other researchers, gurus, and intel providers that have presented in the past.

Commentary by Terran is in red font.

As with everything posted on this blog, use the power of your discernment and find the truth you seek.


A Open reply to David Wilcock's Coast to Coast AM interview on Antarctica

By American Kabuki

Thank you to Denice for the transcription.

Partial Transcript of David Wilcock and Jimmy Church

“There’s a whole world of 35 levels above the president: Cosmic Clearance. Cosmic Top secret. The president is not given information because if there was a truth and reconciliation commission, the president would “sing””

This section is highlights.


DW: The context is this: we have been dealing for 100 years with a hijacked financial system in which the European elites were handed over our financial system. Value of dollar decreased by 97 percent over those last 100 years. The money is based on nothing. It is the global reserve currency. Very important part of the Antarctic discussion: it is not a world wide conspiracy. There are plenty of people in the world who are pissed off at the cabal.

Terran: There are many factions, the Bush/Clinton/Texas Camp (Operation Paperclip and SSP), The Rockefeller Fossil Fuel group, The Rothschild banking and Nuclear energy factions, the Chinese Dragon family (and Chinese SSP) from the Qing Dynasty.  ALL ARE INVOLVED IN BANKING AND THE MOTHER OF THEM ALL IS THE CHINESE DRAGONS.  

The other factions are just other faces of this same system.  Sometimes opposiing, sometimes cooperative. The Chinese Dragon were always the ones behind the banking systems even prior to the Rothschilds becoming the Occidental face of the banking systems.

Banking, even in its "fiat forms" was based on a value, (this is the reason for the "infinite accounts" mentioned by Ferdinand Marcos and Swissindo, the value is that of the original depositories, human beings, which was monetized through the birth certificate straw man, various other bonds such as court bonds, prison bonds, etc and kept at the secondary depositories called Central banks, undisclosed to those they monetized (and never paid a bit of interest too).  Its a form of enslavement of current and subsequent generations abstracted by paper, derivatives, stocks, or gold.  The underlying value has always been human beings.

24:00 The international alliance was strongly activated after 9/11. It was an occult act done for a specific reason.  To bring in the Patriot Act..  The cabal controls the press, movies, news, print media. The alliance works behind the scenes to bring down the corrupt cabal.

Terran: References to the Cabal, are actually a group of Orion/Draco hybrids, carrying extreme genetic trauma after Orion civilization fell to the Draco empire. They were brought into the Earth sphere into Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly during the period Jewish exile in Babylon.   I think this perjorative term "Cabal" needs to be abandoned because of its linkage to the esoterics beliefs from the Kabbalah practiced by some in this group.  Its also slightly anti-semitic.  They are not always of Jewish beliefs, many are atheistic, Muslim, or even ostensibly "Christian".   Whatever cover works.

There is no actual separation in banking between the Orion Dracos and the Chinese Dragons/Dracos.  Its all the same banking system.  Any separation is only in the storylines trotted out to new age sources.   Outward appearances of these beings are different and that is by design to compensate for the xenophobic tendencies of Europe.

The alliance is now stronger and more powerful than the cabal. The alliance is doing a clean-up operation in which the cabal will be completely wiped out before anyone hears about what they have been doing.  You don’t hear about the Coup until after it happens.

Terran: A management consolidation is all it is.  There are no heroes in this storyline. Nor were there any plans to change the way they dealt with humanity.  It was a system built on cut-throat competition.   Some of the western factions got very cut throat in what they did.  

27:00 minutes

Talks about 9/11, Iraq  

When 9/11 truth goes mainstream, the cabal wanted a way out.  Something that would give them clemency and show them as more favorable by the people.  When is it checkmate?  DW: It is over!

It’s raining in California. That’s the indication that it is over.

Terran: Its an indication the Chinese Dragons are no longer geo-engineering California to make its property values on farmland very cheap to recycle their Federal Reserve notes.

The European Elite feel that America has never suffered enough.  Now it is America’s turn.  They were trying to punish America by cutting off the food supply from California.

Terran: That's a perception, sources for this please!

The cabal is now in the minority.  The English government has gone against the cabal with BREXIT.

Terran: Not exactly... the British people wanted BREXIT, their leaders have been dragging their feet as much as possible to not do it.

We are now at a point in which the Cabal is exposed by Wikileaks. At the most politically useful time. Now the cabal is being wiped out. Those that are not surrender, are in underground facilities. Marines are now cutting their way in. If the Cabal do not surrender, they are being shot. The bases are being cleaned out now.

Terran: Many other groups have also been cleared out, including certain ETs who have long had a predatory relationship with humanity, and beings in form and no form who did not want anything on Earth to change for commerce reasons.  I have to ask how does threatening these ones make the planet more peaceful?   

This prison of awareness is built from the threads of separation consciousness, you don't escape it by weaving more of it.

The cabal are on the run, they are trying to find their escape plan.

Terran: This particular faction is indeed worried, but then so are those who are killing them (which is more a reflexive self-preservation action to those who introduced the Asian targeting SARS virus and other treachery against fellow humans). 


Some of the bases are in Antarctica that are being penetrated.

Terran:  Possibly true of the Nazi base.

Heather and I opened the doors to the frozen city in December 2015 in what we called "Operation Santa Claus", the base was in operation and we sent those there to Bali to thaw out. The Russians assumed it was abandoned.  It is very close the Russian Federation base. 

The security systems were programmed long ago to open based on our essence frequencies. The city and its tech activates with our personal frequencies.  To those who matter, you know who to contact if you wan to see it in operation.

I have not published this doing as it needed to unfold naturally.  Which we have seen as various world leaders flew to Antarctica to see the wonders of a city that is exists in the Continuum outside the linear time construct of the rest of the planet, hidden where nobody thought to look.

35:23: the lost continent of Atlantis – if you want to find it you look at Antarctica  The earth went through a pole shift. What was once Atlantis, and subtropical. The flood we have heard about as Noah’s ark, it started out as a flood and quick froze.

Terran: The city is NOT Atlantis 1 or Atlantis 2 (which sunk in the Atlantic Ocean (from which the that Ocean derives its name).  Case in point, the Maya came from Atlantis under the direction of Quetzecoatyl  by boat. They did not come by boat from Antartica.  

The city of current interest is "TALAWANZC". This Atlantis thing is a cover story from David's "insiders" to obscure what is there.  There is another city which has also been "discovered" by the name of "RAINTZ".  

So that is why we see old maps that were copied over from maps in Antarctica,that is what it looks like under the ice. In 1959, we used sonar to map out the land under the ice. How did these guys in the 1400 know what it was going to look like? It was inhabited.

Terran: 1400 was the time frame of a number of events, one was the "discovery" of new world by the Moroccan bloodline explorer Columbus, using other obscure maps.  

We don’t really understand the physics of why the earth rotates on its axis. We don’t even understand the core of the earth. The traditional idea of why the earth is magnetic is because it has a core of iron.
It turns out if you go any more than 3 miles below the surface, it is so hot, there is no magnetic field. Now we get into plasma physics.  We have heard from a variety of  insiders that if you have a nuclear bomb go off, the explosion is disruptive enough it can change the equilibrium of a planet’s axis.
That’s apparently what happened.

Terran: The Earth Sphere began as a thought form put into a rotating ball of plasma with a toroidial magnetic energy field. The plasma field is what caused matter to condense from the zero point field creating the matter that makes up the planet.  This "condescation" process of matter is what creates the perception of gravity. But gravity is essentially magnetics at work. The planet rotates because it has always rotated and its part of the dynamic of a living planet. In one respect it was a long project, but then from another there really is no time at all, only the perception of it from a being occupying form.  Its only when you have form that you have atomic particles, beings not in form only have frequency.

Plato mentions how Egypt repelled an invasion from the Atlanteans. The invaders dropped several nukes on them. That’s what shifted the axis.

Terran: this theory I will research further.  Feels off... seriously off...  The collapse of Atlantis 2 would be enough to shift the planet.  Nabrac was in form once as Plato, I will ask him.

42:00 I don’t know when the Antarctica was Atlantis theory came about.  It was in Graham Hancock’s Fingerprint of the Gods.

44:50 The Germans knew about Antarctica. They found caverns that go under the ice. They sailed in and landed on the landmasses. With tanks and expeditionary teams.  It started in 1939. The germans built a base there named New Berlin.

Terran: This is true. The purported "Cabal Base" is adjacent to the old Nazi base on Antartica.  But that is not the city of interest to science.  It may be of interest to those who fear for their lives.  But they need not fear. 

We now know for a fact that the cabal is planning to announce on an open level the discovery of ruins in Antarctica. They are planning to do this once the war crimes tribunals are in session, once they are outed.  They are hoping to start the conversation around the water cooler.  That they are not so bad.(cabal).

Terran: Once again the Chinese Dragons hold back knowledge from humanity to support their storyline about the Cabal.  This is a separation consciousness tactic designed to make the Chinse Dragons as heroes of humanity and delay what revealing what is down there.  

There are no heroes in this story of finance and banking.  Only ruthless control and a series of storylines to manipulate humanity and extract energy from the original depositories of value.

The city is not a ruin and was actively occupied as recently as December 2015.  One of the first visitors to Antartica after we opened it was Russian Archbishop Kirill.

This is not a win/lose proposition. The origins of all lineages of humanity are revealed in what is in Antarctica.  There needs to be no "losers" in this revelation of this knowledge.

48: 00 They are finding a great deal of giant humanoid bodies in the ice. They are finding a massive amount of bodies in the ice. But they are removing ones that are the giants with the elongated skulls.

Terran: The claim of elongated skulls is bogus.  This is an attempt to tie the site to Sitchin's bogus theories of the Annanauki.  The 4 first essence beings directly tied to this city are not the ones who controlled this planet.

These giant skeletons were being found all the time in the 1800s and were scrubbed out of the media.

So we are dealing with a series of ruins that were built by a group that crash landed there and it was a civilization from Mars and the planet that exploded and is now the asteroid belt 5,500 years ago.

Terran: NOPE! Pull up your pant legs, your boots are already ruined!

They survived on the moon for several thousands of years. I have four sources that don’t even like each other and they are all saying the same thing.

Terran: NOPE! Not dracos or Draco Orions.   Obviously sourced from the various SSP factions... and yes the don't like each other much because they have been at war with each other.  All this again goes back to the Texas Camp/Haliburton SSP, or the Chinese Dragons.   The Lockheed Martin/Boeing SSP faction is no longer active, and the Arcturian and Sirians have joined the Sphere Alliance in recent months.

There are 3 craft that are motherships under the ices. This will be publicly announced in stages. The motherships are 30 miles wide, oval shaped and hold many, many craft inside. Jokingly calling them the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Terran:  That is quite possibly true.  The Earth has had MANY advanced epochs of technology and some more advanced than his current highly controlled one!

One was partially excavated.  Using steam to melt the ice.  Through the three mile ice cap.
These particular small motherships are not something you will see on Google earth no matter what.
This has been going on since 2002. Major university professors. Are documenting it.  They will become huge public figures.

Terran: Ahem, if they cooperate with their masters storylines.... They might even get their own show on Gaian TV. 

We are actually getting authorized to reveal this information. There are a whole lot of things that are going to come out. And I got clearance to say this too.

Terran: OKAY... WHO IS GIVEN YOU "CLEARANCE"??? Come on David! ... this reeks... truth is truth and there's no reason to fear an OTHER unless you fear being HARMED.  And if you fear being harmed by this group, why the hell are you being their mouth piece?

This is the problem of getting all your data from "insiders", you are constantly at the whim of whatever exo-political whim is blowing at the time.

 All the major U.S. aircraft carriers have been brought back to port and are being restocked – which can take 6 months. Outfitted with technology that they were not going to tell us about for 100 years. Including new drones.  Like the ones in Avatar and Edge of Tomorrow.  The floating aircraft carriers are going to be released.

53:48 the Alliance has asked us to put this out so that the cabal does not control the release of this stuff. That is the key. Because the (cabal) wants to use it to further their control.

54:24 I don’t believe in shapeshifting biological life. There are beings that are made out of nanites that can shape like anything they want. Since the 70s we have had preventive countermeasures.  No ETs that we have ever found has more than a 4 percent difference in DNA than us.

Terran: What is claimed to be shapeshifters, are actually certain draco essence beings who have the ability to create holographic illusions.  Perhaps an adaptive camoflague evoluationary adaption of the early dracos I don't know for sure. I (and others) have seen this in operation in Morocco by a covert Draco Magi.  Sometimes its accidental when their are surprised or frightened, one friend managed to get a photograph of a man when it happened. The holographic illusion I saw was quite convincing in appearance, but utterly ridiculous in its context.  The individual had to be with about 5 meters of a persons magnetic field to pull it out. It is close in magic work.  They also have the ability to paint emotions of people, and the unsuspecting can and do sometimes adopt the emotions as their own, even though there may have been no direct causal factor to cause such extremes of emotion.  This can cause utter havoc among those not in control of their own emotions.

55:54 Both US and Canadian marines have been taking out these bases. There’s been great shock by some of these marines when they saw reptilian humanoids fighting along side humans, it was difficult for them.

Terran: I don't think the US Military much appreciates being canon fodder for those covert groups and paramilitaries.  I can fully understand why they want to be rid of them.  They are not "nice" people.

The draco did have an outpost on earth. Antarctica was the primary base.  The reptilians are being largely defeated now. Our new guy,  Wm. Thompkins was shocked that the Germans were working with ETs that were Reptilian.

Terran: Primary bases were not Antartica from my data.  Various bases in the US, Pacific, mid-Atlantic ridge,  off Saudi Arabia and Thule Greenland.  I suspect this is largely more disinfo regarding Antartica.

59:35 We are dealing with a long term plan to deny that ETs exist. The technology would eliminate the need for fuel and for a monetary system.  It would destroy the economy. When Ralph Ring was building the Tesla flying saucer, they came in and shut it down because it would destroy the world economy.

Terran: Yes. So why are you being a mouth piece for these same groups David? 

60:52 you are going to be seeing films of these professors walking among the stone ruins and technologies.  The tech is going to be shared with the public.  This will be seen as a mass trauma by so many people.  Fear is a blind panic sometimes.  People are not going to have the time or the ability to do the research.  They are going to worry about it happening again, and they are going to worry about aliens.  The effect could be like a 9/11 or even better.

Terran: Only if it is presented to the public with FEAR programming in mind.  Telling people the giants have elongated heads is not going to help that!

One of those giants is a stasis body of mine that I seem to have access to... so last night I checked my head in that form!  NOPE no elongated head.  We don't build ugly forms for ourselves!  Its kind of boring laying in that box so I don't spend much time in it.

The trauma is the in the controllers minds, not the public.  87% of the American public believes ETs are real! 

The US and Russian Military knows how to present data in a way that is unbiased and factual. There are a number of highly skilled Hollywood directors and documentarians who could do an excellent job of this.  There are plenty of Pleiadians and Andromedans that would be happy to lend them their data records too.  They know who to contact.

Attempts to create fear over what is not fearful... will only backfire on those who do it.  It is not supported by the new energies of the planet. 

62:00 how does the cabal do its magic best? They need a huge diversion. People will be traumatized. Then the cabal can move very quickly, people will want justice and make emotional decisions.

Terran: And I would add to that the Chinese Dragon faction of the banking Cabal.  One current diversion is all the sludge being thrown at Donald Trump... in attempt to force Antartica off the front pages.

63:49. JC: won’t people be relieved that we are not alone?

DW: I am inclined to agree with that.

64:39 Corey was getting his information from the SSP.

Terran: Sigh... what can I say? A group that has been using slave labor for decades and keeping their slaves believing they are the sole remnants of humanity surviving????  What a source of truth!  What would be helpful is a blanket amnesty for those in the SSP in exchange for utter complete honesty and turning over the tech to the civilian sector!  There need be no losers in coming clean on all this.

They told us, you guys need to run your asses off to get that stuff out there, because if you do not you are going to get scooped. We worked like crazy. Within hours, sites were posting information about the cities under the ice.  UK daily express came out with an article the next day.

Terran: They are trying to get ahead of a story they don't want out there.  

66:42 I am very very excited about this coming out. Since I posted Endgame II, Corey Goode has posted additional information than what we had in Endgame II.  I called Pete Peterson last night. He was very aware of the group that has been contacting Corey for the past 6 months. Who they are and what they told him. Pete and I compared notes about stuff that Corey had told me off the record on the phone. Pete knew all the same stuff. But Pete and Corey each had some different information, too.
Everybody wants to know when are they going to start saying this stuff. They already are. Go to Express.CO.UK.  A tabloid website.  It is the way they are getting used to this information.

Terran: Why not just use the New York Times or Washington Post?   There's a tabloid for you!  I'm surprised this didn't emerge from Sorcha Faal or its sister publication the EU Times....

I got this from Pete. They want us talking about it this way first. It softens the blow. Gives the people who already know about this stuff some time to process it.  We in turn will be able to help people process it who might be prone to be traumatized. The cabal would see that trauma as a useful distraction.

Terran: its an attempt to preprogram neurons in people to a certain fearful storyline.

69:15 JC: why the Vatican,

[why] Kerry, ...

 and [why] Aldrin?

DW: Brand new information right now. Buzz had the health problems from altitude sickness. He was brought in 7 minutes to the backside of the moon. In the course of those seven minutes, he issued expletives 7 times in a row. He was shocked. The shock messed up his heart. The triangle craft took off from Antarctica flew to the backside of the moon. He passed by a craft that is like a circular floating city ½ mile wide. Projects a cloud from every angle. Cloaked.

The craft that buzz was in did a wing wave as buzz went past

Kerry went in on election day. They are very excited because there are new ruins. These three motherships.  This is the origin of the story of fallen angels and Lucifer these giants with the elongated skulls.

Terran: When you want someone scared bring up the devil.  By the same people who brought you banking, dark magic and organized religion, the Dracos.  This stuff gets so old... Systems that play off of duality of thinking, harvesting the emotions one way or the other.  Always in dynamic tension which some perceived opposite.   For more information on what Lucifer really was see the Lucifier Project postings on this blog.

They deliberately crashed there because they knew there were 2 billion year old ruins there (or older) They cannibalized their ships to build their city.

Terran: Linear time did not exist prior to the Crucifixion timeline.  Remember they reset the time number to the crucifixion event.  

All time was local to the consciousness prior to that, expanding and contracting as needed.    This naturally flexible nature of time is why it is nearly impossible to date the Atlantis 1 epoch, Atlantis 2 epochs and synch them to the founding of the Adnromedan and Pleiadian civilzation or even current earth "time".   There is only the NOW. NOW.  

Linear time is an entrained human thought form synched by some esoteric ancient tech (now offline) and time lines, loops and junctions have been resolving themselves every since that tech went offline in the effects known as "the mandela effect" when memories (awareness exists outside of time) do not match archives in the materium.   There are only two timelines left, this current one and that of the Complete Earth.

There has been in actuality 4000 thousand actual years transpired since the crucifixion, not just over 2000.  This is what one Russian mathematician noticed when Bible events did not synch with known astronomicial positions... but its not because as he assumed there was less than two thousand years but because there was more celestial cycles due to time loops.  Think of it this way... if you make make your living based on the time value of money, then if you can loop time you double your profit right?  All kinds of reasons they looped time, but it was mostly about staying in control and doing away with events that might have ended it earlier.   

They cloned their people with DNA from humans.

Terran:  Direct created, creation through union with each other (the precursor to gender mating) and sometimes by a handful through scientific means.  As David stated above, ETS differ less than 4% from us, because they CAME FROM HERE.

Created a lot of different beings.  Built up their population this way.  The reason why the royal bloodlines stay intermarried and have control over the world.  They were more advanced when they got here. They never really lost power, they just rebranded. The roman empire became great brittain, etc.

Terran: NOPE!  The Royal Bloodlines, are from one of the original 11 beings, created by Source, in particular the one I call the "Bloodline King", he kept them from from marrying outside the bloodlines because it gave him more direct control over their consciousness.   This is the source of unexpected "rages" among the Royal lines that made their minions cringe in fear. 

The Bloodlines are often confused with the Draco, but they seldom intermixed with the Draco. The Black Nobility and the royal houses in most countries are from this line, as were most US Presidents prior to Trump.  Part of the vicious reaction to Trump is he is not from this essence line.  That's why they want to "de-legitmize" Trump, and who is the ones were always obsessed with stigmatizing those of mixed DNA?  The Royals, a bastard is by definition an "illegitimate son".   This is why you are seeing such a reflexive hatred among the bloodline controlled media (and not all of it is) and their political puppets.

The cabal does not want the identity of these folks with the elongated skulls known.

Terran: I image they don't!   But not for the reason presented!  And like I said they don't have elongated skulls.   They don't need elongated skulls, awareness does not reside in the brain. The only reason anyone would create an oversized brain would be to install more filters of perceptions, the brain is an interface unit to the physical world.  Its counter-intuitive to use a brain larger than needed.  There are in deed some giants who had those shaped skulls but in my opinion this is an attempt to link these giants, for the purposes of generating blind hatred, to another storyline yet to be unveiled.  It will not got as they expect.

It will be very interesting to see how this goes down and what is said.  There are extraordinary attacks on all of us right now. Especially youtube.

Terran: YouTube is an tool of the intelligence agencies.  Snowden clear stated that. Anything can happen to any Google account with little or no legal recourse.  The renamed themselves ALPHABET (as in ALPHABET AGENCY) for a reason I think.

There are only three youtube channels sending this info right now, Me (JC,) David and Corey.
Phone calls . . . .