Tuesday, January 3, 2017

American Kabuki Update - The triad making up the purported "PRIME CREATOR"

How to Contact December 29, 2016
By American Kabuki
I've been noticing a lot of "Prime Creator" references of late. Amazingly from people who should know better. Anything billing itself as "PRIME" is separation from what is. There is no one higher than or lower than Source.  All are Source.  ALL IS ONE.  This is were it gets into ALLUSIONS, creating names, to create a belief in others of something that may not be so.
Source is the ALL, and identifies with the ALL, and loves the ALL.   It is ALL essencea, All forms and no forms, ALL Lineages, ALL BEINGS.   It has full context of ALL the experiences of the ALL and why those were chosen to be experienced. Absent judgement.  
When ANY BEING sets itself up in a superior position over any other being as in "PRIME", whether by order of their creation, their "rank", their purported "holiness",  "lineage", purported "parentage". It is about frequency and awareness.  Tune your antenna to the frequencies coming through.
The recent channeling on Alexandra Meador's blog post prompted some questions I had as to who was behind this sudden burst of "prime creator" conversations absent any judgement by whatever channel that comes through.   There are many.  I have a very good friend who has been channeling this being and we agreed to disagree one what she was getting. Please don't focus on the messengers. I believe them all to be sincerely looking for truth.  Feel the frequencies.

This curious line separates "I AM/ Source/"THE ALL" into three aspects.  "I AM please teach and show me how to discern a true energy signature of myself, my Divine Self and Prime Creator so I may stop being deceived.".  The whole piece is frankly odd, "bring me the Prime Creator’s truth on all this information as mine is distorted."  NOW THAT IS AN INVOCATION, which the same post warned against.
It is curious that this "being" is willing to use the phrase "I AM", but not inform the reader they are Source in body. All truth is within, unless its not what PRIME CREATOR wants you to believe?

I decided to take up the challenge of the "true energy signature" of the purported "Prime Creator".  It was far stranger than I imagined.

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