Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dave Schmidt Update - Responds To Kent Dunn, Special Guest Mr. M (Works with Elders and Pentagon)

Dave Schmidt: (he addresses rumors. internet attacks and alleged investigations)

Intel starts about minute 20.........before that is all addressing the bashing and attacks against Mr. Schmidt

Jason: This is totally update about Trump, Obama, groups in Reno, report from sources like CIA, military ect.......

Mr. M and more: High level source gives report...used to work at Pentagon. Talks about prosperity groups and yes...this is real and happening.

He touches on new banking system, 201 treaties signed, gold backed currencies, trading platforms, Marshall Plan, 9-11, cabal/bankster interference, funding sources, taxes and much more.......

Saying the RV/GCR rollout will not happen until the banking system is totally safe

Mr. M states he is working with the eldest of elders...former heads of international agencies, interpol, MI- signatory of Global Accounts.

This really is a war between White hats and Black hats

Friday Jan. 6th at 1PM EST is very important for us when Mr. Trump is ratified by Senate as the next President