Friday, January 13, 2017

David Wilcock Update - Antarctica & Atlantis on Coast To Coast Am Radio Tonight - January 13, 2017

Antarctica & Atlantis
Date Friday - January 13, 2017 -
Live Nightly 1am - 5am EST / 10pm - 2am PST
Host Jimmy Church
Author, lecturer, and researcher of ancient civilizations, David Wilcock, joins Jimmy Church (email), filling in for George, for a discussion on recent discoveries indicating Antarctica may have been Atlantis, and that an ancient ET race have finally allowed the US to excavate new Pre-Adamite archeological sites under the Antarctic ice. Followed by Open Lines in the latter half. 


David Wilcock on Coast to Coast Radio tonight! Topic: Latest briefings on Ancient Civilization in Antarctica, Space Ships and much more under the ice! Tune in as David gives you a summary of the Intel that will soon be released in Endgame III.

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Corey Goode