Friday, January 13, 2017

Etheric Blue Update - Overview of Current State of RV/GCR Intel Gurus


Another day on Intel Island and we have just had Tribal Council. The tribe has voted Over and Out off the island. Good bye and good luck.

For these games of GCR/RV Survivor, the main players are, Yosef a true representative of God; thus infallible or so we are lead to believe, One Who Believes and Zorra; a denizen of Hollow Earth giving us their knowledge and credibility because they are in contact with the true powers that be. These great sages supposedly exist deep inside Hollow Earth. Veritas, a Reno Insider. Perhaps recently departed exit stage left? AdminBill, who never gives dates or rates, and recently released TNT Tony, Woof Woof and the list goes on and on.
This is truly a game of outwit, outplay, and outlast.

As on the television show “Survivor, last one on the Island wins, but here on Intel Dinar Island, do we really? In the end, there is but one truth; one reality; one GCR and RV date; one true rate for the ZIM, Dong, Rupiah, and Dinar; one President and one Vice President; and one US Government in charge of these 50 United States.

First the Players and the Strategy

Understand that this proceeds in two stages. First, a certain number of people made up largely of the weak, the undistinguished, the overly shifty and/or overly intimidating, and the massively annoying are weeded out. (Kenny).

Do not, under any circumstances, be the person in charge of doling out the Intel. (The Alice Rule.) It has always been my feeling that the Brady Bunch children secretly resented the housekeeper Alice. She was, after all, in charge of cutting off their access to snacks, and had they the opportunity to vote someone out of the house, I believe she would have been the first to go.

I guess Patrick would take on the role of Alice but Patrick cannot be voted off GCR/RV Intelligence Island as he is the Moderator and Site Owner so this point becomes moot. However, Alice probably favors Marsha over Jan so you see where I’m going with this. Just check who is always at the top with the featured post.

Form alliances with the right people. The alliance with the best chance of lasting is an alliance in which everyone in it has a reasonable chance of believing that they can beat the other people in the alliance.

Clearly we see that there are two camps that have formed. There is the camp of Yosef, and Hollow Earth, let’s call them the “Pleiadian Alliance”. This group promotes the theory of a secret overthrow of the current US government which includes President Elect Trump in order to restore the Republic and installing Speaker Paul Ryan as President.

On the other side, we have the “Patriot Alliance”, who see that the Republic is already restored and the White Hats and Military are bringing back the rule of law and will drain the swamp with Trump in the lead to preserve continuity without a coup and public uprising.

Tolerate risk appropriately. Choose your alliances carefully. Watch out for double crossers.

Don't get trapped in dilemmas. A "dilemma," in fact, is trying to choose between two things. Not many things — two things. People tend to think of themselves as having two choices. You can go with one alliance, or you can go with the other alliance. You can do this thing, or you can do that thing. It almost always results in you being immediately booted, because whatever you do, nobody likes you. Sorry Over and Out…you made yourself the swing vote.

On a side note: Over and Out was so adamant about being right he made enemies on both sides. I do have this to say about the intel he was bringing. He wasn’t wrong as he knew it. I too was approached by one of these groups. They were going to pay the low sucker rate of $2.00/dinar and told me the same story. You had to be in one of these groups or you wouldn’t be paid. The public wasn’t going to be part of it. Wrong.

I declined their offer and sent them on their merry way. Later I was told that the lawyer who was handling the transactions of this group was contacted a Republic official and the group ended up refunding everyone’s money and disbanded. I guess working an illegal deal with the Cabal wasn’t going to end well.

Don't be a jerk if you don't have to be. There is a tendency for people to become comfortable and therefore mean. One of the clearest ways this echo the rules of society is that you never know when the person you step on today will be the person whose help you need tomorrow.

Count, count, count.
An alliance of four people can knock off everybody else, largely because everybody else has decided that acting in their own defense is the right course of action even after becoming hopelessly outnumbered. Obviously the Pleiadian Alliance is already very strong here. Maybe the Patriot Alliance will mount a rally?

Pick your Alliances

At this moment on Dinar Chronicles, it appears that the Pleidian Alliance is soundly thrashing the Patriot Alliance. There simply aren’t enough figures from the military, citizens with direct intel, nor connections with banking coming supporting the Patriot Alliance. So if you are out there in the bleachers assert yourselves and please speak up. Let’s all make this game more interesting as we near the final round.

Hold your torches high

Etheric Blue




Part II The Narrative (Part 2 of 3)

Understand the power of narrative.

This is the single most important rule that applies if you happen to make it all the way to tribal council. There are two things to keep in mind: No matter what their question, no matter the criteria, people will vote for whomever they like more or dislike less, and that is the main reason they vote as they do. (2) In close cases, as when they dislike both people for different reasons, which isn't at all uncommon, people generally vote in order to create a narrative of their own defeat that is comfortable for them.

It is not your task to satisfy all of these people, because you can't. But all other things being equal, it is your task to figure out the real truth or live with being a sucker.

Many of the players here have come from the Real Truth Call and listened in to OWB, Zorra, Fisher, Tank, and Yosef and have brought in their own story line. Where are these players now? Fisher is now currently away on a mission in deep space with the Galactics and we are told has exited the stage. Yosef has come out and said he was an operative in the Philippines. Tank sits and watches from the sidelines and interjects every now and then. Zorra and OWB’s from Hollow Earth put in their two cents every now. This is the source of the narrative of the Pleidian Alliance.

Where’s the Patriot Alliance Narrative? Well it’s been spoken here and there but mostly buried. Every now and then we get a random posting from myself, Admin Bill, WSOMN, Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan or even a video from Dr. Steve Pieczenik. What we need is more stories, more Reno stories, more state of the Republic information. Again, this story line must come out to make Intel Survivor Island more interesting and at the end of the day, determine who survives to play another day.

The End game – I cannot stress this more. At the end of the day, real events on the ground should eliminate one of these narratives or at least give one of these story lines more credibility. For instance a Trump Electoral College ratification should give real credence to the Patriot Alliance and a Trump inauguration should be the cherry on top of your chocolate Sunday with whipped cream. Where’s Paul Ryan?

However today is still not yet that day. We still don't have enough information for the end game yet. It’s all speculation. The tribes are still locked in a contest of who gets to stay on the island to continue telling their story or gets voted off RV/GCR Intel Survivor Island.

Do not be sucked in by the host. (The Thumb On The Scale Rule.)

Remember above all, the host is not a neutral observer but an advocate for whomever he's rooting for — who is almost always the individual he considers most rugged — you have to realize similarly that if you are not that individual, he is trying to trap you. If there is a rugged man nearby, he is that man's attorney. Simultaneously, he is trying to make tribal council exciting, which has absolutely nothing to do with what you want.

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

Etheric Blue


The Intel and the Winner (Part 3 of 3)

Where are we now? Over and out is a castaway. Jimi has exchanged supposedly. Admin Bill says he is feeling it. Yosef says we are right there with a slingshot. Ryan could still be installed as President. Gargimel says he knows how this will play out and can help anyone in need exchange now. Hollow Earth is ready to assist mankind and the Arcturians , Pleiadians, Orions are all standing by for Ascension and our transition to 5D. Although now I hear we are going to bypass 5D and go straight to 8D. The Angels have been working to change our orb to even support 16D per Kent Dunn. We are at the end of an age and Free Will and Karma have been suspended because the Creator is not playing around anymore. Well maybe so and maybe not. We have no way of verifying any of this. If we choose to believe this, it’s strictly on faith.

Here is what I do know. All currency rates are unconfirmed but have been tossed around by Reno and the Republic.

It’s not illegal to knock zero’s off a ZIM because it's a bond. Here let me show you.

The rate could be as low as $0.11 knock six zero’s off the ZIM or it could be

0.00000011 x 100 Trillion ZIM.

See there I didn’t knock any zero’s off and it’s still $11 million dollars.

The rate could be as high as $.01 x 100 Trillion ZIM. (Hint)

As for the Dinar and Dong. Long ago we were told that the IQD was tied to an oil contract between the US, Iraq and China. Because it was tied to the oil contract, the Dinar could go as high as $40/IQD. It was based on the price of oil at that time of around $100/bbl. Can we still get these prices? If it were a treaty between nations, then the IQD price was based on the transactional prices of that time period and we would still get this price.

However, there are many fluctuating situational issues on this planet. That deal may have gone by the wayside. We have also been told a free float could occur which would mean that the IQD would start out at Pre War pricing and float up to the RV a predicted $8-10 per IQD. Iraq says they can support a price up to $16/IQD. Bottom line is we will not know what this rate will be until we go into our appointments.

Dong I have heard, can revalue anywhere from $.005 to $0.10 all the way to a range of $2-5. It could possibly higher based on the assets that Vietnam has in the ground. Again, this is an unknown rate as well until such time as we go into our appointments and sign the NDA.

Here is the part that is sure to get everyone’s panties in a bunch. The most likely time for the exchanges, and listen carefully to this part, is after the Jan 20th Presidential Inauguration. Why? We do not want the Cabal to rehydrate or get credit for this. This is sort of a final stipulation by the powers that be.

FYI Obama did at least fulfill this promise. So you can have peace of mind that he did his job.

On the evening of Thursday 28th July 2011, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, informed the World Court at The Hague that as long as he was President, he would not sign off on the World Global Settlement Funds. More background here (28.07.11).

With Obama’s farewell speech and exiting the White House on the 11th Jan. 2017. Things can move forward now. It is now possible to move forward on Tier 4. Let me just tell you one thing though. All go or no go. In my view, the best case scenario is that you make your appointments, go in now and redeem. Then you are left twiddling your thumbs looking at numbers on a computer screens until the start is announced. So that would make you all just like Tier 1, 2 and 3.

Worst case scenario is that we have to wait until the White Hats, Elders and Republic are satisfied that the World is cleaned up sufficiently to release the funds. There is no backwall on that situation. In my opinion though, I think the release is imminent because the entire world is on the verge of a massive banking disaster.

Bottom line, nobody knows the date or the rate per AdminBill. We may have a pretty good idea though. So go to your appointments prepared. Have your humanitarian projects written out on three pages just in case. Punch your golden ticket and celebrate. You have won at Intel Survivor Island.

The Tribe has Spoken.

Etheric Blue