Friday, January 13, 2017

Fisher and Zorra Intel Update - January 13, 2017

 Dinar Chronicles

Fresh intel from UST operations. Grandfather/Elders in Reno now. TRN & USN now live on Forex, but not yet being traded so they remain "invisible" for now.

RV about to happen.

TRN/USN WILL SHOW ON FOREX at the proper time.

Also reported by South Pacific Central Banker- this to happen before 15th, but "process" has officially started, as was told to Landa Global/Humanus.

May expect updates/"leaks" during the day and into evening. Release today, probably late afternoon or evening, with "Value Date" on Friday.

Grandfather and two others present as witnesses to the "completion".

USN/TRN symbols on Forex now, at nose-bleed level screens for the present


Zorra Call With Jane, One Who Believes & Taansen


There are exchange/redemption centers at offsite locations
Expected on or before the 20th


The Plan: It will be announced before or perhaps during the GCR
The Republic will be announced shortly as well
Plan is that Trump Will Not Be President
New Election will be in 120 days to elect a new President

Free Will

Free Will, will be restricted temporarily, just to get the GCR started and then returned back to normal
The date and time of Free Will Removal will not be published


High Energy Levels - Peak Level on Saturday 7-14-2017 To take advantage of high energy, spend time out in nature, meditate, sit with back against tree with feet flat on the ground, (Unless weather prevents it)

Zorra Starts @ 1:34:00 (@ 94 minuets) (Highly Recommended)

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