Monday, January 2, 2017

GCR/RV & Geopolitical Overview - January 2, 2017

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"First Kick"
Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview
January 2, 2017


Though force can protect in emergency, only justice, fairness, consideration and cooperation can finally lead men to the dawn of eternal peace.

-- Dwight D. Eisenhower


Quickening is a term used during pregnancy when an unborn child first kicks inside the mother's womb.  It's both a sign of life and signal that a live birth is near.  This quickening event was a monumental moment long before ultrasounds, as both parents and family alike began anticipating a live birth knowing that one would be occurring in the very near future.  

On Sunday morning, the new financial system received its final kick from China, when they transferred gold spot pricing completely to the Shanghai Gold Exchange from London.  This "West to East" transfer of power in the gold market was the official yet understated announcement of a new global gold standard for all financial transitions (and currency valuations) worldwide.  Thus, the quickening had completed and it is time to take the baby. 

Did you feel the GCR/RV this weekend?  Did anything change drastically in your life?  Did the world's financial markets and system collapse Monday morning as many predicted? 

The answer to all these questions is no because the Chinese Elders were very meticulous and shrewd in their planning.  They choose to slowly convert or reform existing internationally institutions like the UN, IMF, World Bank, BIS, Federal Reserve, and ECB… instead of shutting them publicly.  This kept mass awareness down to a dull roar, and allowed for radical change to be implemented in a "bank of the bank" kind of manner. 

This is also why few understand the geopolitical puzzle picture now snapping into place in places like Syria, Israel, Ukraine and United States as culturally the Chinese desire no heightened attention. 

In fact, notice how Russia is always the target of harsh news stories while China remains largely understated in main stream media reporting; how very ironic given that the Chinese Elders are calling all the shots now financially.  Yet when you stop and think about it, that makes a lot of sense.  He who has the gold  makes the golden rules right?  So why not stay out of sight…and use public political and fiscal agents to assist in protecting the world's majority gold principals. 

Consequently, instead of Trump publicly "draining the swamp" of known cabal bad actors, he's adding them to his cabinet as fast as he can, absorbing all the mass media's headlines.  While deep in the background, the Chinese quietly replaced cabal politicians, institutional board members and key leading figureheads corporately one by one until all the toxic elements were removed from prime decision making positions.  Many of whom accepted their fate in exchange for amnesty, or just let their current term run out.  Others,well, were not so agreeable and met an entirely different fate.  

So because the Chinese Elders implemented this strategy with such remarkable patience, they also had unique certainty of ultimate start date of the RV because only they knew when they were rolling out the financial transition--which we now understand began at midnight on January 1, 2017.  This means that for several decades prior they had been preparing, altering, adjusting and eliminating hidden cabal agents one by one until all threats globally were neutralized.  This includes all military and security threats, not just financial, political or in the media. 

Did you know that not one American Naval ship is deployed right now in foreign waters?  Not one.  How can this be if not for radical changes that have already been instituted?  Maybe we're all just a few months if not years behind what really has gone on?  Perhaps we're watching the end of the Chinese Elder movie now, yet still feeling like we're somewhere in the middle? 

Also Americans, be aware that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has quietly been rewriting your domestic laws and policies in coordination with Russia and China, as has General Joseph Dunford has been doing with regards to international treaties and sovereign nation negotiations from a security understanding. Both have been reducing the American military footprint worldwide, shutting down overseas bases one by one without public attention. 

Know as well that these two men were chosen long before the USA, Inc's bankruptcy finalization and Republic of the United States sovereign reinstatement in 2015.  This why Donald Trump was allowed to run such a highly controversial, media consuming Presidential campaign, as it masked the real work of the nation going on behind the scenes in Washington.  Trump earned his amnesty by entertaining world's media as Ryan and Dunford diligently, yet for the most part anonymously, reset the foundation of American values for the next fifty years.

Did anyone know this?  Did the American way of life radically change?  Was there a violent revolution in America as many predicted?  No.  No.  No.  All was quiet, subtle and understated, just as the Chinese Elders wanted.  And the nation of China was allowed to exist in obscurity as silent but dominant good cop, while Russia played the overt bad cop across all political and military fronts. 

Very soon those same Chinese Elders will legally and per the Constitution, slip in the restored Republic perhaps when the official electoral votes are counted.  And life will just move on per normal with little to no disruption, as a few million awakened Americans will cash in on their foreign currency holding and overnight become domestic and hopefully global philanthropists. 

What a genius plan.  Executed to perfection.  And the world is none the wiser.

God is with us


Political Side Note:

Expect something radical to come out of Vatican controlled Vice President Joe Biden's mouth on January 6, 2017 when he reads aloud the official and sealed electoral college vote, which by Constitutional Law is still uncounted despite mass media reports.  Meaning, no US President has yet to be elected per the Constitution.  And even if Trump were to get to 270 electoral votes, any Congressman or Senator can object to the voting process and through quorum, the Congress can throw out the electoral college and popular vote…naming their own President and Vice President… as was the cabal's secrete Constitutional "break the glass" design circa 1804. 

However, a theory has recently evolved after another non-performing weekend as it relates to the RV, which we now understand might release or roll out in direct relationship to the electoral college vote reading.  In that, this weekend's full scale final test run for all North American exchange centers was deemed successful yet conducted in preparation for next weekends release. Thus, the Chinese Elders must have always planned to sync up the RV release in North America with the public counting of the Presidential and Vice Presidential electoral college vote Friday afternoon, which nullifies the election results simultaneously with east coast banks and markets closing. 

And if the Trump Administration is suddenly dismissed by the House of Representatives and Senate, it will clearly absorb North American media attention (and the world's for that matter); thus creating an organic distraction until a new President and Vice President can be selected by the Congress and inaugurated by January 20, 2107.  This would mean that both the popular and electoral college vote will have been thrown out, legally, yet at the same exact moment as the financial transition begins in earnest (i.e. revaluation of currencies globally).

Talk about a monumental quickening moment!