Saturday, January 7, 2017

Geopolitical Intel Overview - January 7, 2017


"Slow & Low"
Geopolitical Overview
January 7, 2017


"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."

-- Leo Tolstoy


Aloha Currency Community,

It's been quite a week... Donald Trump was officially certified as President of the United States of America by the Electoral College (not a typo).  And regardless of what you think of Mr. Trump, Hillary Clinton is not President.  That in of itself is a massive victory against the American arm of the cabal.

Global banks are at this hour prepping in anticipation of a whirlwind currency exchange with key currency rates suddenly going blank as they repopulate for a weekend resetting. Including multiple branches of the military and security forces on high alert, worldwide, armed and ready for something dramatic to happen.

Obama is running around trying to preserve his health care fiasco in his last two weeks. ​Have you ever seen a sitting lame duck President work this hard in his last month of office?  Me wonder's what his motivation is?  Could it be benevolent?  Hope so.

The EU’s impending doom will arrive in 2017 as the next mass election cycle is this spring and includes contests in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France (even Merkel has finally been challenged politically by an anti-immigration candidate from her own party).  That includes Brexit plus the death of the Euro and NATO.

The United States, Russia, China, France and Great Britain are all openly telling Israel (Bibi Netanyahu) that a 2 state solution is immanent with regards to Palestine and Middle East Peace per another UNSC vote next week.  Expect an government purge in the Knesset very soon.

All solar system planets are aligning or moving together in a common direction on February 8, 2017--at the same time Mercury goes direct into its final retrograde shadow (Sunday 4:43am EDT).  Can't make these things up, folks.

Orthodox Christmas in Russia (per the Julian calendar) is today January 7, then New Year a week later on January 14, followed by the Chinese New Year on January 28, at the same time Mercury leaves the retrograde shadow permanently.  Not unprecedented, but interesting none-the-less and something to pay attention too.

Oh, and when that "false flag" shooting event occurred in Florida on Friday, it happened at exactly the same time as the Electoral College votes were to be counted in a joint session of Congress. 

In fact, all the mass media carriers switched feeds as not to give that moment in history its due--which was the official death of the cabals USA, Inc's versus the re-installation of the Republic of the United States.  Also, the protests during the count by African American Congresswomen and the youthful protests up in the balcony were also distractions from what was really happening--a unified "Republic" government. 

Even Trump, the new president elect that was being certified as President, was forced to take his "Russian Hacking" security briefing at the exact same time as the vote was to be counted. 

Again, all of these events were used as dirty tricks to distract the masses away public attention from the exact moment of they knew of their own freedom. 

Understand too that just having a Republican president certified as the winner of a Presidential election per the Constitution, creates a two year runway of clean sweep governance, i.e. perfect harmony in this country for the first time in a long time--and maybe ever. 

This means that the US Presidency, House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court are all in alignment and moving together (just like the planets).  Such alignment creates the opportunity for amazingly positive (and negative) events to happen politically, and thus change to occur quickly.  We shall see how the Republicans manage the opportunity.

GESARA/GCR/RV was sure a slow process.  The NPTB kept news of said process very low, if not invisible to the casual observer, for an extended period of time by design.  Less eyes on the prize, the safe everyone would be at the time of release. 

But here we are … primed yet patient … eager yet controlled.  Because we rode the bull until the horn goes off tonight.  And we arrived bloody and bruised sure, but with structural unity in these United States--politically, diplomatically, financially and militarily--which equates to not only the cabal being soundly defeated in battle, but permanently eliminated from rising again. 

Remarkable times we live in gang.  Stay grateful for small things post RV.  Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

God is with us.