Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Geopolitical Overview - January 11, 2017

Received via email.....

"​Oh, Children"
Geopolitical Overview
January 11, 2017


Proverbs 17:27

"The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered."



Oh, children… you know all must be seated at the global table quietly, respectfully and politely before the RV meal may be served.

Palestine, Israel, Germany, France, Venezuela, America… none are not exempt from falling into line and playing nice with one another.  All will eat or none shall eat.  So please throw out false government and kindly replace with sincere leadership representing the best interests of your citizenry.  We will wait.

NSA, FBI & CIA… this mud slinging back and forth meant to discredit your respective political and military agendas (and public leaders) is but a temporary disruption to an eternal peace.​  Nothing will come of it either way on either side, as none have the necessary counter strategy planning capabilities to overcome the higher intelligence now in full control of humanity's future.  This moment of transition is far above your pay grade and even beyond your simple comprehension.  Please search your heart and you'll know this is truth I speak--we're all very hungry.

American Masonic & Illuminati factions… your desire to retain even a portion of what you feel is your absolute power over Washington is sadly humorous.  Both sides appear fracturing into a thousand pieces, looking for any kind of support or exit door but finding nothing of the sort.  Your death is not only obvious, it's frankly already happened as we watch the bodies of both your snakes flail uncontrollably from your bodies.  A friendly hint: Release all current and future endeavor dreams at this point because they're all irrelevant, and nothing sustainable can or will come from Zionistic aspirations.  Let the illuminated flame of Lucifer's torch die out, sooner than later for your family's sake. 

Darkest Nobility & Demonic Energies… by the very nature and structure of current Central Sun harmonics, your existence is and was doomed before it eve began.  This fanciful egotistic rebellion is over, as honestly it never was allowed to ever begin for the Creator has no opponent.  So in all your wicked forms, from all your loyal minions, through all your "superior technologies" … abandon your evil troika of etherial, quantum and earthy invincibility for all sin is now being revealed as harmless distractions, and thus the anomaly of universal rebellion officially resolved in spirit and form. 

Now that I have your full attention Children of Earth, if you would please now pull out your napkins of fate and place them on your humble and subservient lap so that our One Lord, Yeshua Ben Yosef, may serve the meal to all of His children, including you and generations of your families. 

For in the words of long-time, cloned, Jesuit operative, MK Ultra mind controlled slave and former Vice President of the USA, Inc. Joseph Biden said himself just last Friday… "It's over!  Sit down!"

​God is with us.