Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Geopolitical Overview/GCR/RV - January 18, 2017

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Geopolitical Overview/GCR/RV

03:00 EDT - Wednesday - January 18, 2017

There's deafening silence before the storm as a 2 day release window that began Monday @ 4pm EDT closes today at the market hammer.

Wednesday noon EDT is exactly 48 hours prior to Friday's inauguration ceremony--just enough time to squeeze in private exchanges during Obama's term without either him or Trump getting credit.

Domestic security is on high alert due to Trump's Inauguration on Friday.

Multiple exchange and call center redundancy locations are staffed and in place to continue momentum and guarantee mission completion once begun.

General Dunford (who retired from active duty as Chairman of the Joiny Chiefs) has the release duties for the Republic, but the Elders still possess the actual activation button.

Keep your eye on the Dow this week and next.  Once it hits 20,000 we're told 800#s will automatically release as there are multiple 800#s--and they can be switched out at a moments notice to send redeemers to different locations.

Chinese traders will buy the necessary equity positions (volume) which will trigger the event subtly.

A few large simultaneous "buy orders" is all it takes to change the world forever at this point in the game.

Trump is just a ceremonial "change agent" and/or pass through to a three term Ryan administration which includes two years of some combination of Trump and Pence.

Pence and Priebus (Ryan's choices btw) are already running the White House for Ryan until Trump either resigns on ethics violation or just leaves patriotically for the good of the country.

Ryan has been in control of the nation's domestic affairs since October 2015.  Dunford has been overseeing all international and military affairs since May 2015.

That's why Ryan has been so prominent (CNN Town Hall) and his family showcased in the Congress balcony recently (when voted Speaker again).

Trump is now just maximizing his brand exposure, hence the constant and irrational tweeting and grandstanding about creating jobs overnight.  And why Kayne West and Steve Harvey are meeting with him.

You read that right.

His candidacy is embarrassing to the vast majority of Americans and devastating to liberals, women, minorities and intellectuals.

Most to all of whom know Trump to be the swamp thing he claims to be draining, but few understand the larger picture of our nations sovereign insolvency, let alone the restoration of our Republic government.

Russia and China know exactly what's going on because they wrote the script, so they're playing along with Trump's insanity as to not lead on that they pre-selected not only Trump, but leaders who will best deliver their global agenda.

That's what happens when as a nation you go bankrupt--you lose control of your country's direction and are spoon fed a comic book character like Trump.

We have earned this global embarrassment due to our past apathy.

The Chinese and Russians knew the American population had no idea just how bad the corruption was in Washington, nor would  they accept radical change from traditional politician.  That's why Trump became useful.

He's literally waking America up without the responsibility of having to govern.  Which is the point--reveal all of our sins without penalty.

Sad, yet this our new world.  Where America is one of many nations in line behind China, Russia, India and Iran.

Trump will remain in place and take all the heat for radical NESARA changes, then walk away with an honorable discharge.  Remember, Trump serves his own interests at all times so do not be fooled by the raw energy of this election.

The Russians, Chinese and White Hats all have incriminating evidence on Trump going back twenty years. And he's singing for his supper because he's done some horrible things--to young women especially--workers and business partners.

Thus to support Trump (or Clinton for that matter) was to be sleep walking consciously, and still very much plugged into an alien anti-human construct in coordination with the Zionist faction of the Nazi's Fourth Reich

That said, Trump is attracting attention away from the very real changes required by NESARA & the RV which serves a greater good purpose, and ultimately buys him and his family amnesty at a contract rate of $36.00 IQD.

But no ZIM for Trump--who is a Nazi btw--as at least financially, he walks permanently behind we the meek.

Tweet that Drumpf.

God is with us.