Sunday, January 1, 2017

Information For Your Zimbabwe Currency Exchange - January 1, 2017

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Zimbabwe Currency Exchange
White Paper
January 1, 2017


Denomination Sizes
All notes
* Bring everything

Printing Issues
All series
* Bring everything

Exchange Locations
1,700+ in North America

Screen Rate
1.00 USD
* Values less than the screen rate are also available

Sovereign Rate
Max: 125,000 USD
* A sovereign rate will be determined by exchange banker and depend on the scope of your humanitarian projects and job creation vision, capability and experience

Structured Settlements
Term: 18 months - 50 years
Interest: 2% - 8%
Payouts: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly

Non Disclosure Agreement
Mandatory for all ZIM holders
Mandatory and much more in depth for sovereign rate redeemers

Cash Withdrawal
10,000 or less

Cashier Checks
5 or less

Bank Wires
5 or less
Max Amount: Ask exchange center banker
* Exchange center bankers also have wire access to all banks worldwide and can place funds in existing bank accounts

Skeleton Trusts
Mandatory for all exchanges
Existing trusts are acceptable
All trusts are revocable (i.e. changeable)

800 Numbers
Released via existing bank websites and specific internet portals
* Just tell operators what currencies you hold and they will direct you

Bank Selection
Operators will place you at ZIM specific  exchange centers
* HSBC now overriding all ZIM transactions no matter where you redeem

Personal Accounts
New accounts will be opened if you do not have existing accounts
Checking and savings accounts are available

Investment Appointment
A wealth management consultation can be set up at the time of your exchange or made later at your convenience