Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Intel Report - SITREP - 01:00 EDT - Tuesday - January 17, 2017


Multiple agency contacts are completely blacked out as of earlier Monday night 6pm EDT.

White Hat contacts say, "Things are silent for good reasons.  Be patient."

Military contacts saying, "800 numbers an any minute scenario... but "go" decision still rests with Dunford."

With all this "good news," here we still are @ 1:00 am Tuesday morning less an official authorization.

Call centers and off-site exchange locations are 100% staffed and ready to service the initial public rush.

Know every nation of the free world is dependent upon the GCR/RV to fulfill its promise--no country is immune from needing this to convert ASAP.

All go or none go is a real thing.  And Israel being forced to acknowledge Palestine's sovereignty at the UN was a key factor in terms of timing.

Local bank branches are now eager to start as some were informed about the revaluation and trained over the weekend.

Clearly, the authorization decision is not a banking decision per se, at least not at such a late stage; nor is it a domestically political decision.

Rather, it's about global safety as it relates to the geopolitical mechanisms of power & perhaps a little the public restoration of the Republic's good name.

Also our economy means a lot to the rest of the world in terms of growth--so until the United States goes, the rest of the world is made to wait.

Tomorrow morning's market open (DJIA) will tell the story about performance before Inauguration Day.

If the DJIA opens over 20,000, we've probably already gone.  If it opens below, look for movement anytime before the following weekend (1.27/28/29).

Here are 3 primary reasons why T4's haven't exchanged yet:

1) Safety (take your pick of legitimate threats we don't have a clue about).

2) DJIA must eclipse 20k to automatically unlock 800#s (possibly at the last 72 hours before Obama leaves office so he gets no credit).

3) Waiting till after Inauguration Day to fulfill both constitutional and NESARA protocols (Obama must be 100% gone).

We need some combination of this trifecta to be released I'm told.

Technically, Trump was already legally ratified as President due to his electoral college win.

If he were to quit before taking the oath, VP Pence would assume the Presidency until the House of Representatives voted in a replacement President.

Whether the Administration ends up with some combination of Trump, Ryan, Pence or Dunford ... doesn't much matter ... because post RV it wok be our time to shine.

So keep the faith, trust your gut, and stay in Yeshua's peace.

There's no other global alternative but a currency revaluation for a global financial reset.

God is with us