Monday, January 16, 2017

Mr.Ed Intel Update via Email - January 16, 2017

Thank you Mr. Ed!

Intel Update via email

In order to stop the CIA and Cabal from stealing America, Trump must do these.

1) Investigate G.H.W.Bush for JFK, and Reagan attempt, USSR collapse, 911, Oil and gold theft. Iraq wars and Riggs Bank fraud.

2) Dissolve office of Director of National Intelligence and repeal patriot act and NDAA along with Obama's additions to it.

3) End NSA Surveillance.

4) Dissolve DARPA, In-Q-Tel, the CFR and the Highlands Forum.

5) Try Obama and Clinton for War crimes.

6) Investigate George W. Bush Jr.

7) Close all companies with CIA affiliations.

8) Seize stolen gold and return it to Spain, China, Germany, France, Japan and Russia.

Should something happen to Trump, the military is ready to attack Washington and take over the government and restore America. They are on a massive troop alert and waiting.

About a week ago 2 ships loaded with 300 cabal operatives on each ship were trying to escape to south America. Russian jet fighters attacked them sinking both ships and killing all 600 cabal members.

If you see a cloud in the sky all by itself, there's a 90% chance that it is hiding an alien cloaked ship. Our planet is surrounded with hundreds of ships who are aiding us in ridding the planet of these cabal monsters.

Newly run computer programs still estimate that when the event is over, millions of the unawakened earthlings will commit suicide. That is how the state of mind is in some countries in the world. The U.S. also has its share of these poor souls.

Be careful and awake this week.