Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Mulatto" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV/Election Overview - Saturday - January 14, 2017

Received via email.....

"Mulatto" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV/Election Overview - Saturday - January 14, 2017

Tonight should be highly entertaining...

Below I've attached two videos, please (re)watch and listen to every word as truth.

Because no matter what you think of Mr. Barry Soetoro (Malcom X's mulatto love child); aka President Barack Obama; aka Supreme Commander of the Light Forces in charge of Urania's galactic transition, he leaves behind many clues regarding what might happen next and possibly even tonight after 8pm EDT and before Sunday 8am EDT, specifically as it relates with Mr. Donald Drumpf; aka President-elect Donald J Trump); aka disposable Russian double cabal agent who will may resign via twitter (or press conference) to create a worldwide Internet and media flash bang necessary to distract the masses away from the global GCR/RV release).

Long shot?  Maybe.  But the ZIM was an even bigger long shot three ears ago--now it's accepted as the greatest single investment in the history of the world even without sovereign rate accessibility in the first 48 hours for appointment setting.  So please do suspend your disbelief enough to consider all the possibilities.

Remember it was suggested long ago by this "radical blogger" that there's going to be an amazing "up ending" to all the suffering and political insanity we've been made to endure these last twenty years.  And it ends with Speaker Ryan's hand on the Bible January 20, 2017 and Vice President Joseph Dunford at his side.

But boy getting there has sure been one strange, strange affair.  What a bizarre and complicated world in which we are asked to survive in, let alone thrive.  And yet, the answers we seek are so simple.  So available.  So obvious, if we just have the belief level to see the truth.

They're not hiding this.  The NPTB are just being incredibly subtle about disclosing their true intentions and final decision actions.

Maybe this is why Obama was born a mulatto child, meaning "made from one white and one black parent"--as light and dark now transitions into One form of benevolent divine female energy blessing humanity and the earth for the next 1,000 years.

Hey, everything is impossible until it happens.

We shall see.  We shall see.  We shall see.

Obama's Last Press Conference

Obama's Farewell Speech

God is with us.