Friday, January 13, 2017

NWO Schedule of Implementation

NWO Schedule of Implementation

[Update 3.x – 12-13 January 2017: An incremental update of this page is in progress. Check back periodically for changes or come back when the update is complete and the page is retitled “NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017.”]

The globalist advance towards the New World Order is analogous to an American football team’s advance towards a touchdown: they can slowly and incrementally drive towards their goal using their running game (small, dull, publicly-unnoticed institutional changes that accumulate over time), or they can quickly leap towards their goal using their passing game (staging big crises like 9/11 that demand large, sudden “solutions”). The purpose of this NWO Schedule of Implementation page is to anticipate, expose, and hopefully prevent their passing plays. By forcing them to grind slowly towards their goals with their ground game, time is bought to allow people to wake up to their agenda and begin to counteract it.

That being said, let’s start examining the goal they’re driving towards and the pass plays they’re setting up to get there quickly…

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