Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Relief" Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - January 15, 2017


Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview
January 15, 2017


"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."

- Tommy Lasorda


Candidates Clinton and Trump were both morally flawed from the jump in 2015... making each a wide open target for blackmail by Putin, who clearly had irreversible dirt (DNC hacked emails; golden shower video) on both candidates well before they ever ran for president.

Putin and the Chinese have large dossiers on both long time friendly cabal operatives and have been gathering damaging information on them for years including 9/11 involvement with Mossad (Israeli's CIA).

This means both candidates were always considered controllable by these lead BRICS nations; and why they can at exposed anytime and forced to resign through either mainstream media or alternative news outlets that have gained mainstream journalistic credibility (i.e. RT).

What's happening now is that they're been given a chance to resign and/or step away with dignity and amnesty--the perfect moment depends on the Israel and Palestine two state negotiations.

It's also safe to assume that the BRICS nations had a back up plan for the next US President (relief); someone who they trust and has been warming up in the bullpen many years prior.

This unknown "political reliever" must also have been carefully chosen and highly prepared to lead in conjunction with RV funding and some optimal Release scheduling date, as these nations are the largest holders of UST debt which defaulted in December 2012.

Interesting to note that both Clinton and Trump publicly and defiantly have also supported Israel's four term Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his hard line neocon greater Israel expansion government policies.

One state, Israel--and Palestine is not a real nation--that's it--no further negotiation.

Because without the US government's support at the United Nations Security Council, a two state solution between a sovereign Palestine and sovereign Israel is inevitable and honestly what the vast majority in the region and world desire less Netanyahu and his ultra orthodox Knesset coalition. 

Obama's sudden change in American policy regarding Israel began officially at the UN before end of 2016 and is scheduled to finish up before Obama leaves office next Friday. 

Boy that sure escalated quickly!  Israel must have seen it coming.  So did Trump who has many common contacts that circle back to Israel including his son-in-law who is orthodox Jewish.  

This means Israel is going to have to reduce their territorial footprint and evacuate settlements built since 1967 inside of pre-negotiated Palestinian boundaries the UNSC has already ratified--including East Jerusalem.

And why a Trump presidency really matters to Israel, Obama, Russia  China and the world.  As the entire planet is literally waiting on just one leader in the Middle East to accept two state peace before we are to get our precious RV release.

Netanyahu's resignation therefore is being held back to leverage said two state negotiations and possibly also why Trump is being forced out of office by the intelligence community who are working with the United Nations Security Council.

But even for Netanyahu, it's hard to say "no" to the entire free world for an extended period of time when everyone is dying to get hydrated... yet that's what he is doing by holding out (not Israel as a nation per se).

This means 209 sovereign nations are just waiting on one man, BiBi Netanyahu, to resign or force the UN Security Council to vote him out of power legally per international law and ultimately enforce sanctions over time against the majority of his nation's population.

Right now, today, there's a massive Middle Eastern peace summit being held in Paris to determine the final two state solution language adopted by the UN Security Council that will go to a vote later on and be ratified before Obama leaves office.

70 countries have gathered in support of this peace, with Israel and Palestine are sitting on the sidelines getting briefed by host nation France, but not Netanyahu and certainly not Trump, as they are one in the same.

Imagine that, Trump possibly holding out his own resignation in favor of Israel's national interests.  What a strange and treasonous world we live in.

We also understand both men will ultimately be removed together in short order as soon as the UNSC completes its final vote on the matter later in the week.  They might even let trump get sworn in to lock in the political relief pitcher without a Congressional vote.

Turns out at least geopolitically that do no harm is now a very real and powerful international mandate, signed into law per treaty (see 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change).

Do hold onto your ball caps, folks--there's a historic up ending flame thrower entering the game  from out of the bullpen to save the day.  Problem is he's walking versus running to the mound.

God is with us.