Saturday, January 21, 2017

SITREP - 03:00 EDT - Saturday - January 21, 2017

Received via email..... 

 President Trump is in the Oval Office to release the RV for China, Russia and the Republic.

That was his day one mandate that we've heard has already happened.  Yet no RV yet?  Ooopppsss... a misfire already?

Great speech, so now is it our turn right?  Great parade, so now it's our turn to help you build all this infrastructure right Mr. President?  Great after parties, so when do we get to rule over our nation?

We're waiting just like you to exchange and we need contact info into call centers / exchange centers.  Now!

We hear that discounted ZIM currency transactions are being bought and sold on domestic trading platforms.  Wonderful.

But have you forgotten us already?

Is liquidity still the issue?  Thought you both had and used that magic pen of yours?

Large Reno SKRs groups are sitting in hotels, waiting.  For you Mr. President... so when?

Paymasters with visual accounts sitting on screens still have administrative holds --and they like us are asking when they can go?  When will this liquidity release?  When will you deliver on your destiny?

President Trump, we're all waiting bubba and you're handling Christ's money now so heads up.

Now we know you're not a patient man, nor do you accept excuses... so make it happen Mr President.  Enough already.  Execute.  Or we'll go to twitter and bypass the mass media too.

We believe your somehow beholden to General Dunford and his ex-Marine buddies until they're settled as approved HHS and DOD cabinet selections.  So figure it out fellas and perform.

The further you guys get away from the media distraction of the election, the weaker the flash bang becomes and more insecure you yield the event.

Tick tick Mr. President.  Tick tock.

God is with us.