Thursday, January 19, 2017

SITREP - Dunford, RV/GCR, ZIM, Galactics - January 19, 2017

Received via email........

SITREP - 02:00 EDT - Thursday - January 19, 2017 spiritual winds of change have replaced the calm before the earthly storm.

All sovereign family representatives in attendance at Davos, Switzerland released the RV on Sunday evening.  There will be no disruption of mercy by dark forces -- ever again.

Then on Monday, the North American closing procedure began by White Hat commander General Joseph Dunford.

Final security and deliver adjustments were made, as there were 3 breeches of protocol that were corrected systematically.

Multiple release strategies have been employed to avoid enemy detection and counter.

Mission completion now guaranteed with the process now begun.

General Dunford is exceptional at delivery upon strategy--and why he was chosen by the galactic for the RV transition.

Inauguration Day was the fulcrum or flash bang event.  All eyes on the President(s)--no eyes on the redeemers for an extended period.

Also, full military, specialized plain clothes operators  and local security assets are all acceptably deployed due to he Inauguration should anything go off the rails with the RV.

Thus the public appearance of fully armed, dressed military personal on the streets of this country would not be an alarming sight during this strange inaugural event.

The Chinese New Year 2017 was a back wall date due to the ancient Eastern solar/lunar calendar, ignoring both the Gregorian or Julian modern calendars of the Western World.

Post Mercury Retrograde shadow clearing also a factor in terms of new business contracts after Year of the Rooster begins.

Old business affairs are now to be cleaned up by 1/28/17 per elders orders to Dunford, who wisely took every last second to prepare.

The Cosmic Tumblers have been clicking into place, but have accelerated by the second now, and have gained irreversible momentum due to unified planetary momentum.

The changes to society and general good dwelling on earth you'll genetically witness now will come so fast most will not understand how or why until well after they've transitioned into the new world.

Blocking or forcing change is futile.  Go with the flow has never been a more appropriate truth to live by.

Motherships and support craft are now uncloaking to both assist in this needed human transition as well as fulfilling galactic federation disclosure mandates from heaven.

The CIA has released 13 million classified documents regarding a host of topics including non-humanoid extra terrestrial life on the surface of the earth.

ZIM sovereign rates are said to be negotiating as high as 50,000 USD/USN for appropriate group third world humanitarian projects.

African in ground minerals embody the future of mankind, and why the African Union currency (of which the Zimbabwe bonds represent) is so unprecedentedly high at the time of redemption.

Tier 1 sovereign bond trades are starting to payout Friday morning in Asia (Thursday night in Western World).

Sub group paymasters are to be fully hydrated and completely unencumbered for individual client disbursal also on Friday.

The GCR/RV roll out and conversion process is to move so fast, so invisible, and so abundant that all will come to understand why a few dedicated their lives to making sure the many were positioned in a timely and accurate manner--as the fate of humanity depended on it.

God is with us.