Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sophia Love Update - As we shift - taking the reins


Here in the United States, the transfer of perceived power is in our rear-view mirror. It has been accomplished.  Deals were made in the final moments so that all able bodied past presidents were in attendance. The U.S. retains its image of political solidarity and strength.

For those unaware, nothing seems to be amiss. For those aware, there are questions. The surface image does not portray a crumbling regime. So, what gives?

The regime is in disarray. Those who walk amongst the rubble are either fools who believe they can still win or left-overs – too public to disappear (just yet) and quite far down on the totem pole of cabal control. What you are seeing is a power mirage.

The actual trials and removals may never be front page headlines, regardless of who owns the main stream media. Yet the end has happened, make no mistake.

This will transpire relatively quickly now. We will be swamped with changes. These may impact your bank account and your home on both ends of the spectrum – from badly to amazing. Already it is easy to get side tracked with protesting and sharing unpopular (but important) news. Those of us still asleep may think that shouting out bad things will help to get rid of them.

The world doesn’t work like that. What you repeat, returns tenfold.

Pay attention now for the field is ripe for new controllers. Amidst the exposure and disclosure of this now-dead regime, a new benefactor will emerge above the ruins. Benefits, aid and money will be dispensed. We’ll be fat, happy and believing we deserve to stay that way. We may become sedated in such a state, and negligent.

We are tired and rightfully so. We came to free a planet and it’s taken oh so much longer than we imagined it would. We want the hard part to be over. It is not, not yet.

It will be over when the control rests consciously in humanity’s hands – when we hold the reins and are using our own map to get where it is we’ve planned to go.

What’s next is bound to be a much-needed boost of funds and technology.  But it is not freedom, not yet. Those dispensing these things are in control and would like to keep it that way.  Remember our plan was for us to be holding the reins of control.

We’ve already done a really cool thing here, years ago, we decided on our own. We said “Thanks, but we’ve got this”, to other groups who were ready to free us.  We’ve kept our word and done so magnificently. We’ve sent the cabal packing; their time is most definitely up.

We are in a vague and unformed state now. What we say and do matters. It matters in a concrete, immediately felt way. It was easy to see your master when you were broke and miserable and sick. From there, it is clear who is in control. With money and health though, things can get fuzzy. You may not worry about who is handing out the good stuff, just so long as it keeps coming.

Yet any system still based on money is a system of slavery. As such, we must remain constantly vigilant. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’ll just be a matter of time before we find ourselves obviously powerless and barely scraping by…

We will no doubt become a moneyless society one day. We will not start there however. We must get ourselves there. In this next now moment, we must remember who we are. We are the brilliant lights of infinite awareness, here to focus our gaze on these beautiful human occupants of Gaia, long enough to remind them of who they are.  They are the ones they’ve been waiting for, as are we.

With so much love,

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