Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"The Reset of Humanity" Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - Tuesday January 3, 2017

Received via email....

"The Reset of Humanity"
Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview
January 3, 2017


"Everything in excess is opposed to nature."

-- Hippocrates


Medical researchers will tell you that every cure lies inside the disease.  But when the disease lies about its origin and intent, where might a true cure be found?

Humanity is sick.  The planet is dying.  As a species we are now in danger of becoming an endangered species.  And it feels like there's no cure to all that ails us.  But why?   Seriously, why?

Why are people starving?  Why are there so many homeless children and seniors?  Why do billions of families live in abject poverty?  Why do so few live in acceptable living conditions?  Why is there constant war in the poorest nations ?   Why does such a small minority control such a vast majority of all wealth?


People, this just ain't right!  And it sure as hell isn't human.  You know, skip it.  There's no time for blame or anger.  I forgive you cabal, let's move on.  You are evil and we are not, got it.  Check please on this third dimensional existence.

So whatever their reason(s), whomever the dastardly culprits, whatever their monstrous agenda, it doesn't matter now because humanity's current path is not sustainable; and as a species, we exist together on some thin precipice of eternal righteousness and irreversible momentum.

Date, rate and time therefore are not the issue.  Never were.  No, the issue here is life and death, and all of us are in the same war against all who would continue generations of our family's enslavement.

This is why God is granting humanity a reset, far beyond just the financials, rather a planetary recalibration that insulates everything still living so it remains alive.

It's simple yet dire.  Necessary yet unthinkable.  Reality yet fantasy.

Who among us began our currency journey with such grave truths drooling from our greedy, salivating profit hungry tongues?  Some.  Not most.  A few.  Maybe chosen ones.  Yeah, chosen ones.

It's also why regular people like us must now rise up to receive and manage such enormous resources in order to disburse God's manna out the to the billions of less fortunate, innocent, sickly and impoverished. 

We are they.  And they need us like yesterday.

The NPTB also need the currency community (30 million strong) to do the right thing.  They need our desire for dirty hands of mercy and random acts of benevolent giving to be at the heart of an urban clean up at the street level.

Folks, its never been a matter of which currencies we hold or where will shall redeem, we are literally in position to preserve and protect our species... ensuring generations for future survival.

Small thing, but kinda super important, qui?

Think only about eternal life when you redeem, shun death.  Decide to thrust humanity forward and awaken beyond earthly expectations.  The huddled masses are depending on you to ascend.  Quickly.  And we shall.  As one for all.

Allow the fire of God's grace to create urgency within your soul, so you may heal the sick, raise the dead and scale mountains of illusion with boots of truth.  Be the myth you seek.

Mend all that is broken... and deal not just with comfortable or familiar issues--rather dive in after the really hard and desperate sins of our time.  Solve everyday suffering with extraordinary creativity, go deep within your sleeping heart of gold and transform communities, soul by soul so we all may go.

  Yes, here we go!

Our generation is that generation chosen by Heaven to do the heavy lifting philanthropically, and thus we must have also chosen this angelic path well before our birth... to love, to sacrifice, to encourage and to lead as worthy disciples of Christ's love.

Let the best possible characteristics of your personality, morality and sense of equality shine through all darkness--and provide a bridge of light for others in need.

Love on each other, it's the whole game.  Love is the whole point of waiting out this GCR/RV/GESARA thing out--increasing our territory and resources to love.  It's just our life now.  Love.  Philanthropy.  Love.  So transition.  Love.  Don't fight it.  Love.


For how we treat the one is how we test the many from here on out.  And only sincere service to others in mass will satiate our philanthropic cravings post RV--everything else is just busy work or white noise honestly.

And if and when the meek don't look like you, act like you, think you, talk like you or pray like you... so what.  Help the, anyway.  They're suffering is yours.  Their joy is yours.  Give it all away--everything, everyday--see miracles happen by your humble hand.  Because by easing another's pain, your scars to heal.

For God loves us all equally.  And it is possible to love our brothers and sisters unconditionally in His same manner--as it is written so shall it be done.  Hallelujah!!!

So dismiss further discussion of things that simply do not matter as the hour is upon us all to rise in defense of our species, and take responsibility for these higher sovereign rates and defend your nation, your blood, your DNA, your race, your species.  Fight with unprecedented recklessness and faith of a loving and generous God.  Dare to test drive your better angel.  Reach!  Aspire!


Because it's ok to realize your full magnitude as well as your divine potential of service of the Most High in this lifetime, this incarnation.  It's really safe.  Promise.

Let white light love be humanity's cure to all that ails us.  Be love.  Be human.  Be as Christ was and shall be again.  Love is God and God love.  There it's is.  The truth.

God is with us.