Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Secret Space Program and the Convolution of Time; Nothing Is As It Seems

Advanced Technology Gateway Systems …and Time is convoluted. 

This is through the use of advanced technology devices.

As soon as the machines were turned on a pathway was simultaneously opened for beings to connect with this plane from other times and parallel realities.

Beings From Parallel Earths

As well, there were beings that were created that would be able to gather information and perform tasks through transtemporal systems that humans could not yet operate through.

The result was something like activating the devices and opening the gateways only to instantly have a fleet of future military personnel and other worldly beings instantly attempting to make contact with our civilization.

The Revelation Of The Invasion Timeline Merge and the Fall of Man

The military personnel proclaimed that a kind of silent invasion had occurred through the use of the very technology that we were using to communicate with them. They said thousands of years had passed since they had first activated the devices and for us this was only a few moments if not instantaneously due to the way the gateways function.

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