Sunday, January 8, 2017

War Crime Tribunals Will Begin In March 2017 - Intel Update From William Mount


VIDEO: NAZI War Trials Begin In March - Be Ready - YouTube

The word is out - the NAZI War Trials begIn in Mid March

Already President Elect Donald Trump his preparing orders to hunt down these NAZI War Criminals like George Soros and Chief Bankers across the globe.

As you recall - we showed a list of 52 War Criminals the White Dragons put out a reward on Dead or Alive - including the last 4 US Presidents and their wives.

Those who seek to destroy both Europe and North America are now about to be hunted down and, if they cooperate, face trial.

There is something here so powerful now that in September of 2016 we reached “Critical Mass” and these folks began taking control of this planet and assisting in shutting down this internal network that wished to Assassinate Major Presidents and start a Nuclear War. To this end the arrests and contained of these Evil NAZIs has begun.

I was even texted that the NAZI Forces in Ant Arcticva are now cooperating with the White Dragons to help keep this planet in one piece.

As for the war in the Ukraine -- those in the Military who are adding fire to the current situation will now be contained and the US funding of this war is about to end in exactly 11 days.

The US Transport Plane carrying the Nukes has had it’s little rear end sent back to the US with it’s tails between it’s legs before it could offload their payload.

AS for other news:

1) The area between Eureka and Redding California has been hit with huge weather anomalies and Power is nto expected to be restored for at least 6 weeks. More in our video.

2) The Area near Washingotn DC has also been hit with severe weather this week - it’s January .

3) The area between Moscow Russia and Kalispell Montana are experiencing the coldest winters in 100 years. Montana gets 6 inches of snow tonight as the weather hit -40* in the area surrounding West Glacier two nights ago.

Finally - there are food riots developing in Mexico as the Mexican Peso falls in value.  Store shelves are empty.

4) There was a FAKE Shooting in Fort Lauderdale by a guy who has been seen working with the FBI for at least 2 months and he screamed: “I am mind controlled.”

So why did all those Armed Air Port Security Guards not shoot him dead???

How many airlines will be effected by this little FBI NAZI stunt?

5) In a funny News Story - Congress has been asked to give the US Air Force an additional $50 Billion to begin rebuilding the Very Old B-52s. As the bbill hit the floor of Congress an engine fell off of a B-42 in North Dakota. What a Fake Stunt.

So be ready folks

Food, Water, TP, Ammunition, Heat, Communications

Pray that those who are conducting these evil deeds are immediately rounded up and either stoip doing what they are doing or are immobilized for the rest of eternity.

It is time for these lying NAZI Pigs to be rounded up and leave Earth forever.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount