Sunday, February 26, 2017

15 Reasons USN Stories Are Great News!" by One Who Knows

15 Reasons USN Stories Are GREAT NEWS!

I have been seeing some USN stories lately and it is a CLEAR sign to me that EVERYTHING we want is right on schedule. The USN is the new Gold Backed currency of the Republic. Here is the latest news on the USN:

"Bank intel, USN" by Geoffrey - 2.25.17

It is so interesting that we are looking for clues all over the place to verify that this top secret World Change over is both REAL and immanent, and yet one single item actually PROVES EVERYTHING! Yes, as the title of this post reveals, it is the USN that tells the whole story and is all the proof we need, that we are actually on track to everything we have been told and promised. Here is how...

#1) USN Means Gold Backed

The fact that the USN has been acknowledged by Banking personnel as well as many others, is PROOF that the New Gold Backed Money is really coming.

#2) Gold Backed Means The World

The fact that there really is new USA Gold Backed Money coming means that all the other countries of the World are going Gold Backed as well since there is no way that we would be the only ones changing.

#3) The World Going Gold Backed Means Equality

If all the countries of the World are Going Gold Backed as well, it only works if their currency values are adjusted to be on par with each other.

#4) World Currencies On Par With Each Other

Having all the World's currencies being adjusted to be on par with each other means that those countries who's currency values are greatly undervalued compared to everyone else are going to be adjusted up, WAY UP, to be on par with the other countries. That MEANS THE GCR IS REAL.

#5) If The GCR is REAL

If the GCR is Real, then anyone who happens to be holding currencies that are greatly undervalued, such as the first basket currencies, will realize a HUGE increase in value when said adjustment happens.

#6) No Double Dipping

Because there is an all go, or none go and a deliberate plan to prevent Double dipping, by reinvesting money from one currency revaluation on the next currency revaluation, they will all go at once. Since all the currencies will go at once, that means that THEY WILL ALL GO, and none of them will be left behind.

#7) Stories of The USN Means Treasury Money

Stories of the USN MEANS that it is our new Treasury that is issuing the money. This means that not only is the Fed Dead, but that the REPUBLIC is Alive!

#8) The Republic Alive Means NESARA

The fact that the Republic is alive and in the process of showing itself, means that NESARA, the new governmental structures are also in the Process as well, since the Republic is based on the new NESARA Principles.


The fact that NESARA is coming into action here in the Republic of the United States, means that soon the World will be changing over to GESARA, which is the global version of this same governmental structure and principles.

#10) GESARA Means World Peace

Since GESARA is Coming in to Power all over the World, that means that the World will be at peace from now on and War will no longer be permitted or tolerated by any country in the World.

#11) GESARA & World Peace

GESARA and World Peace also signals multiple trusts that will start paying out Trillions of dollars in many different forms to all the people of the World. These include huge trusts such as the St. Germaine Trust, The Lee Wanta Trust, and many others.

#12) NESARA & GESARA Means New Technologies Released

Another important aspect of the NESARA & GESARA implementation is the release of hidden technologies and health remedies that have been held back by the Cabal. This leads to such things as immediate cures for most medical problems and introduction of free energy devices and anti gravity craft to name a few.

#13) NESARA Means Top Level Arrests & Trials Begin

Another important aspect of the NESARA implementation is the immediate arrests of top Cabal operatives, resignation of all current political positions, and new elections for President and other positions. It also means the resignation from the BAR of all attorneys' and retraining them in Constitutional law.

#14) Bank Awareness Of The USN Means Immanent GCR

The fact that Bank employees are aware of, and acknowledge the USN, means that they have been trained on it, and will be available soon. Additionally, many claim it is in their vaults now and will be released soon.

#15) USN Availability Means CGR

There is no way that the GOLD Backed USN can be distributed, unless the GCR has already happened. If the USN is about to be available, that means the GCR is about to happen.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while USN reports and stories seem to be of little value, they actually PROVE EVERYTHING IS TRUE AND ABOUT TO HAPPEN. The USN availability means World Gold Back GCR, NESARA/GESARA, World Peace, New Technologies and Health remedies, High Level Cabal Arrests and Trials, New Elections, and the Release of countless Trust to the people of the World. In short, when you have Proof of the USN, you have proof of EVERYTHING!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows