Sunday, February 19, 2017

David Wilcock Update - February 2017

I just saw this update on David Wilcock's website, I am sure most of you already saw this report.  Just in case you missed it like I did, here it is below.

Also David and Corey did a live streaming event last weekend, one must spend $144 dollars to see all of David's recorded presentations.  Hopefully soon, we will get a written intel report from David and Corey about the new information presented at the Conscious Life Expo.

You can purchase the videos at

If anyone took notes of these conference's and would like to share them with the world community, please email me and I will publish them for everyone.



Tonight, David takes the live stage for the third time this weekend to reveal stunning new intel. We may soon learn Atlantis was real and the "sunken continent" then froze into Antarctica after a pole shift.

Intel from Pete Peterson, Corey Goode, "Bruce", Benjamin Fulford's people and many others all suggest we are about to see major announcements of ancient megalithic ruins in Antarctica.
This will be the beginning of a disclosure that just gets better and better as time goes on.
We have been given an "assignment" from certain Alliance factions to reveal as many details of this planned disclosure event in advance as possible.

These talks have featured a variety of brand-new intel that could quickly rise to worldwide significance in the coming weeks or months -- and tonight is the crown jewel!


Ever since the beginning of November, we have seen a stunning and ever-increasing amount of mainstream "hints" that some big announcement about Antarctica is coming.

This includes Sen. John Kerry traveling there on Election Day, as well as NASA Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin -- who then had to be rushed out with a suspected heart attack.

Other high-level people are making trips down there, some on public record and others very quietly. However, not much of an effort is being made to hide any of this.

We were given intel about ancient stone ruins being announced down there imminently. We were told we needed to publish ASAP, or else it would appear we were copying from mainstream media stories.

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