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Trump Admin Infested With Pedophiles?

Trump Admin Infested With Pedophiles?
February 20, 2017

(At the GOP Convention, Pence made sign of Baphomet. Accused of being a pedophile.  Trump's LBJ?) 

Recent insider revelations confirm that humanity is held bondage by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, that uses satanic ritual murder and pedophilia to compromise & control many leading politicians. The insider says that Trump's "path to greatness" lies in exposing this massive child trafficking network which, like the drug trade and the mass media, is run by the CIA and other government agencies. The problem, however, is that Trump himself may be  compromised. And he is surrounded by people who have been implicated, beginning with the Vice President Mike Pence. 

by Henry Makow Ph. D

Vice President Mike Pence has been implicated in the pedophile scandal that has the establishment in a panic. According to former CIA analyst Robert David Steele, General Michael Flynn was not dismissed for talking to the Russian ambassador and lying about it. He was fired because he had information on a close friend of Pence who is a pedophile. This is consistent with the fact that Flynn's son was also fired during the campaign for tweeting about pizzagate. (See also) 

More concerning is that Tory Smith, left, has a series of youtubes accusing Mike Pence of being a multiple child rapist and murderer. Smith, who claimed to be a victim of satanic ritual abuse himself, makes a series of frankly crazy assertions. However, he predicted that Indiana State Police would kill him, and indeed, as of July 2016, he is dead. 

I believe his core assertion that Child Protective Agencies, Immigration & Customs Enforcement,  DARPA and the CIA are running a massive child trafficking network is credible. He says there are 39 Military Intelligence Laboratories (Milabs) operated by DARPA and the CIA, connected with child trafficking. This is consistent with what Carolyn Hamlett reported on this website in 2012. He also said former Indiana Attorney General (2010-2017) Greg Zoeller is a pedophile. 

There is also another article detailing Pence's connection with the dodgy teen treatment industry.  He has also expressed his admiration for Dick Cheney, who Kathy O'Brien said was another pedophile.  During the campaign, Alex Jones asserted that Pence was a "terrible" choice for VP because he held globalist positions on immigration and trade. Jones has since gone quiet on Pence. He seems just the man the Illuminati would want to install, in case of Trump's assassination.

Steele calls Trump's Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, left, "a pedophile enabler if not a pedophile himself" who is a sycophant of the GOP elite, sabotaging the Trump's administration from within. Steele says pedophilia is the deep state's "achilles heel." The Democrats are amateurs compared to the GOP and "Wall Street bankers" who have perfected it into an art. There are "Saudi restaurants" in DC with basements where children literally are on the menu.

Steele says Trump is horribly isolated and needs to reach out to people like himself, Kucinich, Ralph Nader and Jesse Ventura. However, every time Steele has approached the Trump officials, he has been blown off. 

Steele says Trump needs an electoral reform act that will draw the 70% of people Soros doesn't control to his side. He says Soros is preparing an "American Spring" uprising to overthrow Trump. He says the NSA has been spying on American politicians for decades and needs to be "shut down." 

(With teenage Ivanka)

The fact that Flynn and his son were dropped from the Trump team for their focus on pedophiles does not augur well for those who think Trump is going to "drain the swamp", and destroy the deep state. 

Steele confirms that Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach home and island sex retreat was a Mossad blackmail operation, and we know Trump visited both places. (Also) 

Finally Trump's latest nomination for Labor Secretary makes his administration look like an awards program for the Lolita Express.  

However, I think Americans would forgive Trump if he repented his own sins and cleaned house. This needs to be done or we are doomed. 

------------------Trump Gay Connection 
---------------- Pentagon, NSA employees view child porn - How many are pedophiles? 

First Comment from Glen:

  In the mid nineties I worked for a large school bus company in Arizona as head of maintenance at one of it's terminals. This company had hired a retired police detective from the state of Connecticut to be the head of security at this same lot. His job was to deal with the schools and parents on matters concerning security and behavioral issues when it came to little Johnny and little Jenny. We'll just call him Joe.

  Joe had a stellar career in the Connecticut State Police and had worked his way up from a beat cop to a full fledged detective with the rank of Lieutenant. He had worked in arson, robbery, white collar crime, etc. His last assignment before he retired happened to be in missing persons and murder investigations. I'll never forget talking with Joe as he introduced me to a world I had no clue even existed. He would talk for hours about all the cases he worked, but the ones that made his blood boil were the ones concerning pedophilia and missing children. He would tell of how missing children investigations would often lead to pedophilia and human trafficking. Joe would tell me of how this was also the most frustrating period of his career, as these investigations would ultimately lead to high ranking politicians and judges. The problem, as Joe explained, was that they could never nail these high level people as he would say "seemed to be protected by Satan himself." Some one or something was always there to make sure a glove was never laid on these people.

  Joe was the first to say that pedophilia and human trafficking was no respecter of party. Both the R's and the D's were up to their necks in it. Joe also explained how those high up in many religious circles were also involved. He also explained that this had all been going on for a very long time and how he doubted these crimes could ever be stopped as there were just to many people involved at all levels and the bad guys far outnumbered the good guys.

  Joe did however have his moment of satisfaction. After years of watching so many suspects manage to either walk or never even be prosecuted, Joe was about to have his one small moment of satisfaction. They had been collecting evidence and building a case on a Federal judge and were about to serve him on child porn and child trafficking charges. With warrant in hand, Joe and his fellow officers arrived at the Judges home. It turns out Joe and company were once again to late to serve the judge, but they really didn't seem to mind as they found the judge slumped over the kitchen table with his brains splattered on the wall behind him. Although the judge had been warned the police were coming for him, it seems he felt he had no way out but to eat the barrel of a .357 mag. 

  So you see, this is all nothing new and goes much deeper than we can imagine. Will Trump actually do something about the whole mess? My bet would be no, as I truly believe he is compromised himself or he would not be in the position he currently occupies.
- See more at: https://www.henrymakow.com/2017/02/Trump-Admin-Infested-With-Pedophiles.html