Friday, February 3, 2017

Yosef (3 Intel Updates) - February 3, 2017

Received via email.....

Regional 800#s came out when the Dow hit 20k again at exactly 9:30am EDT Friday.

We were following Dow Futures all night in expectation of this trigger event, but saw  nothing significant, then the last 5 minutes before market posted--wham--it just showed up; only to disappear immediately after and fall back below 20k.

Don't blink!

General Dunford is in full control of all the call centers.  So only when he and only he enters the final technological release codes for the 800#s to be received by said call centers, public access will indeed  activate.

Meaning the military is control of the RV behind the scenes, not the Trump administration.  I suspect no one is disappointed about that reality.

All exchange personnel, in all disciplines including security, are already in position and on stand by right now.   No one including paymasters have been told an exact go time.

The RV will begin anytime after the the banks close Friday (West Coast) through the weekend.

The entire RV release operation and its planning falls exclusively on General Dunford per a Chinese Elder request.

The Dodd Frank executive order termination is part of his final RV protocol and why Trump was made to sign it today by the Republic military's central command.

Zim holders still get the first appointments, so it's wise to keep your smart phones close and charged.

God is with us.

"Giver" - GCR/RV Overview - Friday - February 3, 2017

HSBC released all global paymaster accounts for Friday pay outs on Thursday morning -- 2/2.

President Trump will be brought up on potential impeachment charges once his executive order pen runs out.

His business ethics violations will be the reason sometimes later this month and by design.  He knows he will resign before that happens and claim victory over the elites.  Then go back to his businesses. Ding referred to as a former President.  Not a bad branding moniker.

The GOP establishment administration-in-waiting of Ryan/Pence/Priebus will step right in and not miss a beat.  Similar agenda as Trump, less drama, more polish.

Events will calm way down because of the RV and a Trumpless White House--and things will get better, quickly.

The country's pride and enthusiasm will return as the money flows out.  It'll be an amazing summer and fall.

Change will happen everywhere.  What a cool time to be alive not unlike the roaring twenties after WWl ended (before the Great Depression).

If you hold ZIM now, you are already a full time philanthropist whereby gifting and granting your money away will become your life's work.

Take the structured payout for as long as you can at the highest interest rate, it'll  simplify your life dramatically -- especially if don't like managing money -- which very few do.

Once you get comfortable with the quarterly or semi annual payouts coming on consistently, you'll start to figure out how to best disburse your wealth out to the world.

It'll take some time no doubt, so be patient with yourself, but you'll heart and mind will adjust--even your body and health will see improvements.

As for sovereign rate negotiations--how much should you ask for?--know every zero you request comes with a corresponding and different spiritual commitment level:

1 zero is different than,
2 zeros is different than,
3 zeros is different than,
4 zeros is different than,
5 zeros (it could go that high for some).

Know sovereign rates come with a unique spiritual service requirement also to humanity.

So the question is not how much should you request at your redemption appointment, but how many do you wish serve in your lifetime -- for God and His other 7.4 Billion children in need.

The more zeros you take the more responsibility to reach more souls with more mercy you undertake.  So do be  careful what you ask for.

Look, I know having this kind of money will be very sexy at first, and will allow you to buy and have exotic toys/homes/cars as well as travel to places (on jets) beyond your wildest dreams --- so by all means  have fun with the blessing no doubt.

But please, please, please don't forget to give consistently and amply to the poor, broken hearted and forgotten souls of society wherever they be in the world.

This is why we were all "chosen"... to reach them with this mercy.  We have the special hearts that can expand wide enough to include so many within our daily lives.

We are their monetary keepers, and they our rough diamond brothers and sisters destined to be polished with our love.

Please stretch your heart and find them in the darkness, seek them, grab them by their despair and place them in the light until hey rennet their divinity.

If nothing else just them know God loves them.

Now they won't need as much stuff as you, but they deserve what they do need and they deserve it as much as you or anyone else.  So get it to them and figure out ways to keep their needs met.

We all deserve to be loved unconditionally and have not only the basic necessities by which to live, but to thrive and improve our lives dramatically.

Please let them taste this RV through your giving, your smile, your commitment to their villages, nations and plights.

Let them feel the power of the ZIM sovereign rate redemptions through your life's work and never, ever wave from your commitment to making as many lives as you can handle lives perpetually better.

You are a human angel now.  A pure and unrestricted giver.  Start acting like it.

God is with us.


"Groupies" - GCR/RV Comment - Friday - February 3, 2017

Aloha CC,

Be very careful of last second groupies (scam artists, middle men, flippers) attempting to physically harvest your currency, specifically ZIM, with the promise of future payment.

Today alone, I had three requests to surrender my currency for a promised high rate in the future.  All of them were 100% bogus.

Please hold onto your currency folks.  Not only is it safer in your own hands, but it will be redeemable quicker and at a potentially much more lucrative rate of redemption during your own private redemption appointment.

You do not need a third party or group to redeem your currency.  Period.  Let all those requests pass right on by.

Keep your currency in your possession at all times until your redemption appointment at an official off-site banking facility or known currency specific bank branch location.

Please be aware there are non-banking wolves up to no good and scouring the Internet, ready to take advantage of desperate people before, during and after the RV event begins in earnest.

So keep it simple, and just hold your currency until your 800# appointment.

God is with us.