Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ascension Update: Symptoms And Where We Are “Going” by OP-ED by Victoria1111

Hello Ascending Beings~

Well well now… The tides of purging been ravaging through me and out of me. Yesterday I spent a good 30 minutes in the bathroom experiencing something no one wants to.  Better out than in.  I will leave it at that.

Purging.  That’s what this starseed goddess has been doing and doing a lot of.  Purging.

Stuff from childhood coming up – again.  (and I thought I was done w/all that)

Stuff from lifetimes ago – held in those cellular memories.

Heck, this past week I felt in my body that horrible feeling of having our entire way of life taken by us when we were conquered and genetically altered by the dark ones so long ago.

Talk about a gut-wrenching cry that knocked me to my knees.

So I do as I have been doing.

I cry.  I release.  I punch my punching bag.  I ask Source “WHY?”  I yell “I AM TIRED! I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS ANYMORE!”

I fall down for a bit at times.  And I get lost for a moment or two or three. I surrender.  I remind myself this is part of the process.  Have a cookie or two.  Perhaps ice cream.  Take extra naps.

And then I get back up again, literally and spiritually/emotionally/mentally.

Lately I have been receiving Visions as to where we are going – not just Spiritually but literally.  To what physical location are we headed?

The world of science is baffled by these videos people are taking (and lifting) of Nibiru and other planets showing up.  The strange clouds.  The intense colors. The rainbows.  The pillars of light.  The images of dragons and dinosaurs (pterodactyls) and an increase in the sightings of Sasquatch.
There are the incoming energy waves of photons and electrons and neutrons.

There is the strange frequency reads on the Heliplots.

The increase in the Schumann Resonance.

And of course the highly unusual and at times extreme weather patterns.
I believe Earth is being moved.

I believe that we have lived for eons in a highly sophisticated artificial environment.

And I believe we are being moved out of this energy space and into the space where we once resided – before we were conquered and altered and brought to a lower vibrational reality where we have been “locked” in place by technology that has kept us in a virtual, albeit it real, prison.

We’re going home.  In our bodies.  On our Gaia.

Is Source behind this?  The higher dimensionals?  The galactics?
Yes.  In a way.

I say “in a way” because perhaps…

Just perhaps all of this happening because, like the 100th Monkey theory, enough of us have awakened, enough of us have slowly remembered again, enough of us said “no more” and that collective energy has been received and is being matched.

Obviously no one knows for sure what is going on.  I am only speculating and going by my inner feeling/intuitive voice.  And that can be absolutely maddening – certainly for someone like me, an earthly grounded Capricorn who values Truth and Logic and Proof – while also being highly creative and intuitive.  But for certain I can unequivocally state that reality is changing and we are both going along for the ride and helping to create the New as we go.

Love yourself deeply and be kind to yourself so that you may love others and be kind in return.  And know – you are here for a reason.  We all are.

A very beautiful, special reason.

Let THAT be our focus.