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Benjamin Fulford: The Trail that Led to the Black Sun -- Will Humanity Learn From the Past?

by Justin Deschamps

In the latter portion of Benjamin Fulford's newsletter from the week of March 13th, he described meeting high-level figures in Japan and Asia who revealed the secret religion or beliefs of some of the elite power players on Earth. Apparently, they worship the Black Sun, a negative solar deity that personifies the antithesis of the Creator—a force of death, destruction and chaos instead of life, creation, and order. This is strikingly similar to the satanic Cabal mentioned by several other noteworthy researchers and insiders, such as Mark Passio and Jay Parker.

In the '90s, Passio was recruited into the Church of Satan by Anton Lavey. Passio thought that Satanism was nothing more than a religion for personal empowerment, but he discovered it was much more insidious than that. And after attending Grotto meetings in the dead of night wherein member lawyers, doctors, and politicians spoke of their abject hatred for the unawakened masses and their continued desire to enslave and torture people, Passio had a change of heart.

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Parker is a Satanic ritual abuse survivor who was raised in a generational dark occult family. His father claimed to be an Atlantean warlock, and his mother a witch. Both his parents spoke of the religion of the Illuminati, the worship of the Black Sun by the elite, stretching back tens of thousands of years.

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Recently, David Wilcock and Corey Goode have claimed that the origin of this dark group traces back to a pre-Adamic period, some 55,000 years ago. Allegedly, a transhumanist cybernetic race of giants warred in the solar system's distant past, once occupying a planet that was destroyed some 500,000 years ago, now home to the asteroid belt. They fled to Mars after the destruction of their home planet and eventually fled to Earth in a space ark that became the Moon of Earth. Finally, they settled in Antarctica, cannibalizing their motherships, and building several highly advanced civilizations. They interbred with the human elite on Earth at the time, forming what is known today as the Illuminati bloodlines. Whether or not this account is true remains to be seen, but could provide another link in the chain of the hidden history of Earth.

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According to Passio, the Black Sun represents the dark Lucifer archetype. Lucifer is known as the light-bearer in occultism, the personification of the bringer of truth, wisdom, and knowledge.

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This cosmic archetype is amoral, meaning it can embody both light and dark attributes. Anyone can make contact with this cosmic archetype, but the nature of the knowledge they seek, and ultimately how such information is used, determines if it is positive or negative, harmful or beneficial. And the dark elite of this world used various occult rites to make contact with negative forces who gave them knowledge of how to enslave humanity with expert skill.

The Jesuits, in particular, devised several cruel methods of using child human sacrifice to create a heavily traumatized soul that would become a tool for the necromancers once the mortal coil had been shed. Using these specters as emissaries of darkness, insidious groups received intelligence from their dark overlords. According to some sources, there were legions of ghosts created over the centuries that fell victim to the dark occultists, who use them like etheric spies and mercenaries. Papal Bulls is one example of a Satanic rite that is intended to bind a soul of a child to a dark purpose.

The Black Sun represents the dark Lucifer, the bringer of knowledge for those who seek pain, suffering, enslavement, and power. This archetype has been worshiped by many different elite groups, under many different names and guises, such as Moloch, Baal, Satan, Lucifer, and so on. And in the modern world, the average person worships the Black Sun via their materialistic immoral lifestyle. For example, a "consumer" in occult symbolism, is someone who has allowed their consciousness or spirit to devolve into a materialistic and egocentric zombie, one who doesn't care about truth, morality, and justice. Such people seeks to satisfy all their base desires, even if it means hurting others or turning a blind eye to harm. In this sense, the masses indulge in cravings of all sorts, deceived into worshiping death, destruction, and chaos—all under the illusion of technological progressivism.

Here the account provided by Fulford:
by Benjamin Fulford
All these world changes taking place as described above have their origins in a power shift at a very esoteric level of reality. We will try to summarize again briefly below the forensic trail followed by this writer that led to the “black sun” entity whose defeat has made all these changes possible.
Years ago I was told by agents sent by then Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka that there was a plot to kill 90% of humanity in order to “save the environment.” Asian secret societies had heard the same thing when they wire-tapped a meeting at the Molech (Baal, Set, Satan) worshipping Bohemian grove. When they offered to help fight these Satan worshippers, I suggested to the Asians that the problem in the West has highly concentrated at the very top of the world power structure and that the average Westerner would be totally appalled at the idea of killing 90% of humanity. We came to the conclusion that the solution to the problem lay in targeting the very tip top of Western power.

This led to Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemason lodge visiting me in Tokyo and inviting me to visit the P2 in Italy. There I was taken by Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights, to a cathedral in Milan where there was a stained glass image of their god, the black sun. Mazzara told me it was a black hole in the center of the galaxy that communicated to them via the gamma wave spectrum.
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What I encountered at the cathedral was a black void of what can only be described as anti-life, an entity that feeds on the life force.

Apparently for thousands of years this entity has given enormous power and wealth to a select few in exchange for having them feed it human and animal sacrifices. This is what I call the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia.

The vision of the future held by P2 members like Mazzara was one of total war and destruction on this planet, something they thought was inevitable.

However, an incredibly powerful light-force entity confronted this black sun and threatened to delete the entire universe into zero and one of black and white unless it backed off. That is because the forces of darkness were getting so strong they threatened the entire structure of the universe. The entity backed off and fled this universe. This was seen as the Norway spiral event.
The result is that while the universe before this event was like a top spinning out of control, it is now back in harmonic balance between opposite but mutually beneficial forces known as yin and yang or male and female. For this reason the entity known as Satan has ceased to be life destroying absolute evil but has instead transformed into a benevolent goddess working in harmony with the male aspect of the universe.
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Because this entity fled the universe, the lesser evil entities that worked below it were no longer able to resist the forces of light. They have been systematically purged and soon the last of them will be finished off.

At this point a quarantine that has been placed on this planet will be lifted and earth life will be free to expand into the universe, according to these esoteric sources.
Since we are about to experience exponential expansion, it is very important that we set the initial starting parameters at the most optimal possible level. That is why we must now set up a transparent, democratic, meritocratic world federation combining the best practices of all cultures to preside over the human expansion into the universe.

Of course seeing is believing and until we actually see and experience these changes personally, people must focus on improving the here and now of their real lives. Hopefully, the rest we shall see.
If Fulford's claims are accurate, then it suggests there is a core aspect to dark occultism that has various sects and variants throughout the East and West. And almost all such insidious groups are aligned under the common banner of enslaving humanity. Or to put it another way, they are all interested in maintaining their illusory status as masters and elites via their suppression of the people.

Fulford claims that some of these groups have turned the other cheek, and are now working to end the deplorable practices of the past. As a people seeking to gain knowledge and freedom therefrom, we would do well not to believe such things blindly.

By all accounts, it appears that the war for freedom and truth has been raging for almost all of human history—at least over the past 10,000 years. The common thread is one of dependency, ignorance, and dogma in the enslaved masses—the foundation that makes tyranny possible. The elite maintains their power because the people believe in that false authority. And the price of such belief means the enslavement of all.

Will this time in history be any different? Will we, as a people, set aside our differences and work together to take up our divine right and govern ourselves for the benefit of all? The hard truth that all generations must face is that all people are ultimately responsible for the welfare and prosperity of others. Whether we learn this lesson or not remains to be seen. But the opportunity to shift society into a golden age is within our grasp.

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- Justin

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