Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Convert Your Dreams To Plans by One Who Knows

Received via email from One Who Knows.....

Convert Your Dreams To Plans

This Universe, is a Facilitating System that converts what is "Meant To Be" into What Is. In all cases, Your Meanings Create What Is Meant, By Your Meanings, To Be. It is time to be more aware of what your words and thoughts mean, so that you can more efficiently and perfectly direct your Unfolding Reality to BE(COME) what you want.

The Meaning(s) Of Dreams

While our individual realities are governed and directed by what things mean to us specifically, we still hold similar meanings on many things. One of these words (Meanings) is Dream(s). Often, we think of Dreams as something that what we want, or better, hope, will come to be (Manifest) some day. Often Dreams mean unreachable, beyond reality. However it is time to remove that meaning from our Reality Programming.

Conversion Exercise:

Step #1) Visualize a "Dream Board" where is says on top, in great big words, "My Dreams." Think of all the things you would put on your Dream Board. To do this, think of your greatest Dreams, don't hold back. The bigger the better. Importantly, while it is still in a "Dream" perspective, you will allow yourself the freedom, to want more than what is "Realistic," to consider the impossible, to imagine more than you can believe right now. While you are "Dreaming" you are unrestricted, and completely free to imagine anything and everything you like, and would love to have and experience.

Step #2) Visualize the wording again on top of this Dream Board. Remember it says in great big, and bold words: "My Dreams." Now I want you to imagine yourself, reaching over to the Board with a Marker in your hand. You start crossing out the word "Dreams" and Writing next to it, the word "Plans." Now at the top of this board with all these amazing and wild ideas, it says: "My Plans."

New Meaning = New Unfolding Reality

This changes the Meaning of all these things from "What might never be" to "What is being planned for and now, EXPECTED TO BE!" By doing this you have reprogramming the Universe to now include these experiences in your upcoming Reality. Now, being something that is Meant To Be, it is no longer "If," but now it is "When!"

When you make this mental change in your perspective and Expectation, you can literally feel the change in the status of these things. They move from impossible and not likely, to probable and "In Process."

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have Free Will, and the soul/sole right to direct your own reality in any way you see fit. The way you do that is by deciding and controlling what is "Meant To Be" for you. It is NOT what you say that controls your reality, it is what you mean that dictates what is meant to be(come) your Fate (Reality). When you change your Dreams to Your Plans, it changes them from far away and unattainable, to coming and expected. That simple change in perspective, changes your unfolding, becoming Reality. In short, you write the "Script" of your life in terms of Meaning, and the Universe runs those scripts and produces the Reality your were "Meant" to have, by your own meanings, no more and no less. Make sure that everything you want and dream of, is MEANT to be for you... PLAN ON IT!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams (Plans)

Signed: One Who Knows