Thursday, March 30, 2017

Service To Self ~ Service To Others by Victoria1111

Success, Accomplishment, Achievement

I don’t know about you, but I am weary with reading these pieces on “Service To Self/Service To Others” ~ as though we have to pick a side. Pick side A (sts) and you are gonna stay stuck in neverland.  But pick side B (sto) and you get to land beautifully in nirvana.  (The Zeta’s were famous spreading this information, which is why I only followed them for 1 week.)

All of this sounds of duality and I’m not buying it.

I’m certainly not feeling it.

Remember the analogy of the mother helping herself first to her oxygen mask so that she can best assist her child?

Same thing applies here my tribe.

In order to authentically serve others, we MUST first not only know how to serve ourselves, we must love doing so.  And be ok with that!

Mama’s can attest to this.  How many of us have burned out because we have not been caring for ourselves in the ways we need due to the caregiving we provide for our children and families?

Time to change all of this “service to others first” dialogue.

Yes.  It really is ok to be of service to yourself ~ first and foremost.  To me, this means you love yourself so authentically and purely and beautifully that when you interact with me, I know I am going to be getting the Real Deal with you.

And the goddess is not into artificial ANYTHING.  (Seriously.  Check my kitchen cupboards.)

Love yourselves first.

For when we are truly grounded in and with Who We Are, when we are in those moments where we have taken such loving care of ourselves, we naturally wish to share that energy with others. 

It’s that simple.

Release the duality.

Cease to believe you have to pick a side.

None of that feels like Ascension to me.

It’s about returning to Love.

For Self.

AND…what then naturally follows…

for others.