Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TruthEarth.Org - #Pizza/PedoGate Victim Comes Forward on Dr. Phil & Big Changes Happening Today

#Pizza/PedoGate Victim Comes Forward on Dr. Phil

In an incredible exposé on Dr. Phil yesterday a woman had reached out to the Texan psychologist about her being born for a wealthy man by her parents for money and to be used as a sexual servant. Her abuse began as an infant. She recalls being sexually abused before she could even talk.

This is exactly what PizzaGate is. It’s been going on for a long time per David Icke and others that have been telling us. I cried watching this episode, just as I did when I was reading the Podesta e-mails. It is so horrific and the things that were done to this woman and other children are so sickening that it is beyond words.

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Big Changes Happening Today

Well it finally happened. David Rockefeller has died at the ripe age of 101. No doubt the 34th heart he was on had finally crapped out after a lifetime of stealing, cheating, raping and murdering. He won’t be missed but it’s important to realize that he is part of the whole One living organism that is the Cosmos and therefor deserves unconditional love like everyone else. He and the others will be relocated to the Galactic Central Sun to be restructured into essence and will begin evolution all over again.

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