Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Underground Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Mind Control Cult, Immortal techno-gods, Illuminati Sect, Political, Royal, Secret Space Program, Disclosure – We Created The Time-Matrix Bases, Celebrity Cloning, Trauma-Mind Control Cult, Immortal techno-gods, Illuminati Sect, Political, Royal, Secret Space Program, Disclosure – We Created The Time-Matrix

Aug Tellez

Within the comprehension that we are in a kind of closed loop system where we create our higher-dimensional counterpart in the now, it was discovered that this process was subverted and utilized to produce a higher-dimensional creation that served the desires of a certain group of people above the rest.

There is technology that enables the insertion of memory and experience into time and this is both perceptual as well as actual depending on the use. The two are used in tandem so as to produce confusion which is then used to replace the priorities and subconscious background of the individual or collective so as to follow along with the goal of using people to continually recreate the subjective environment that is used by these ‘higher-dimensionals’ who live within and subsist on such an environment.

These leeches require the emotional subservience and cognitive supposition that the leeches could in fact be the supreme cause of the individual’s existence.

In short, the people have to actually believe these beings are their gods for them to have any effect or power. Without that, they cannot sustain themselves and have to find another environment. They cannot create environments and so they use hosts.

As well, there is a universe-wide sweep of energies so as to produce the most intense apparition of such a parasitic process in this one continued civilization and this is to finally overcome the parasite here and now altogether so as to clear the parasite throughout the entirety of the universe. This may be a holographic containment system, but that is the point.

If this is a holographic containment system designed to nurture a hive entity, then what happens if we purge the hive entity from the containment system?

With that said, the dark forces have use the technology to program people and input memories and trauma in the genetic frequencies of their mind to the point where this is what they will experience as the “afterlife” (the barrier in between one realm and the next). They have effectively painted themselves as the gods by standing in people’s way.

Similarly, they have transported themselves and people to alternate temporal folds through advanced technology and these are considered “cloning centers” which are actually bounced interdimensionally through time so don’t expect to find them however this is all part of a plan to liberate the human civilization.

Along with this are the parallels. There are parallels of each possible future who has met through an interdimensional consortium of representatives to determine what will happen to this civilization.
In knowing that there are tricks that have been played such as these beings inserting themselves into time and using holographic technology to portray themselves as gods, we have to remember that we are within a holographic universe and so what we creatively imagine, respond to, correlate with and causally reference our perspective based off of is what we generate. So by perceiving, that we are in a holographic containment system, ruled by deceptive beings, we are actually creating that complete system.

That is why this is so requiring of discernment. That is the trick that they use to get us to recreate them, they literally present themselves as the gods, or as the oppressors, either way, this buys back into that time-loop using people as the creative reality generators for that system.

So the conclusion that the consortium reached was that the only way for people to make sense of the situation was if they come to acknowledge that they hold a creative power over their future and that this can also (and has) been used against them but doesn’t have to upon the realization of such a system.

Such is dangerous because it smells directly of the old oroboros system of repeating that loop time and time again.

The idea here is this, if this is what is happening, then:

What is the beginning? How did we get here? and

What is our true power, if we are being stemmed or parasited off of?

Thus, in answer we may come to the conclusion that there is a supreme creator and the principles of which still apply to all in existence however that this particular civilization and perspective of consciousness is geared towards a kind of genetic manipulation or consciousness entrainment that influences on the level of body as well as the mind. That there is an energetic disturbance in this place beyond simply a physical pollution or misalignment.

Thus the beginning of one’s “Deux Ex Machina” is forming whereby they will deliberately create a pathway in hyperspace between the reality where their creation and existence is as part of a closed-loop subservience system according to the desire and sustenance of a holographic, AI-Hive mind entity that utilizes this creative process to feed itself.

There is a pathway created bridging the two which leads directly from that into the universe where the existence of the human is as a result of a supreme act of intelligence and compassion so as to experience, grow, create, love and learn about itself.

We have literally been one foot in and one foot out the entirety of this civilization because every memory we have of existence is from a transitory period between the two and there are no memories that cross over the dimensional barrier unless special circumstances are met IE: a mass-scale ‘graduation’ between the frequencies IE: a total realization of what is happening by the major harmonic players (the primary elements of the genetic-consciousness orchestra) and thus enough of the experiences are held together to transfer through.

Simultaneously, however, those who pass from that reality into the real existence will be holding open a bridge between the two worlds. This is the transition that is mentioned and has been prepared for throughout history.

This is also the dangerous aspect (beyond the rest of what I just wrote as well as the other recent writings or even ‘releases’), as when this began to happen in previous ‘folds’ of time, there were mass exoduses of the parasitic entities into this realm. That is the feeding frenzy that was described as an ancient ‘tale’ where the demonic interdimensional parasitic activity became widely apparent and visible nearly all at once (in these ‘tales’).

The idea is that at the moment of transition the dimensional gateway is both held open by those making the transition (and others who intend to promote safe-passage) as well as a natural occurrence of the alignment between consciousness and the organizational lattice structure of this system whereby there are ‘glitches’ that add-up and every thousand years a clear pathway between all the dimensional barriers lines up and there is a straight shot out of the abyss.

This is explained as the ‘seam’ of the dimensional barriers that are all lined up as a form of resistance between consciousness within the time-matrix and the existence outside. Since the matrix is a networked system (like a series of cogs or gears within a clock) every so often both ‘hands’ point in the same direction and this occurs all the way down all the layers and there is a clear passageway.

We are reaching that time and this is when there is a great rushing of energies towards the completion cycles and this is unconsciously understood to be the situation. Regardless of whether this system is created as an act of spiritual war and people are the lost souls here who are cut off from their original memory as ‘bounty’ of what are essentially interdimensional pirates. There is a shift that occurs regularly and we seem to be coming to the point of a great shift that is THE moment where all other times are adjoined.

That is the point, when you get to an occurrence where the forces at play to succeed or submit, to remember or to forget are so great that what happens there determines what happens throughout ALL time more powerfully than ANY other point in history, then we get the energies of ALL ancestors, all unconscious desires, energies, lessons, knowledges, etc and so on, all the parts of humanity that seek to be free and all the parts that submit are made visible and earnest and are seen for what they are in a great awakening that changes everything forever.

Regardless of what happens after that, people can never be as enslaved.

Part of this is explained that this entire network is actually being contained mentally in the experiences in between life and death, as the afterlife and the ‘astral’ planes and that these are literally generated by huge-scalar wave devices in the sky and underground.

It is believed that these devices will be deactivated and this is part of the circumstances for the human liberation. This would effectively ‘turn-off’ the astral and would collapse the futures into a smaller set.

This temporal effect is due to another aspect of this that I have explained previously. Time barriers are set up and projections are utilized to extrapolate out possibilities and to pull creatively from each of these realities and then collapse them down again.

People, versions of yourself, your offspring that you have never met, they are literally being pulled from your consciousness through these creative process where, say, a reality where your bloodline were put into a more beneficial situation was explored by literally creating a holographic projection of such a reality within the time-field matrix and accessing that through technology to pull genetics and information from those individuals.

THOSE individuals still exist and are held within these projected, suspended realities through these technological systems and this is the astral ‘realm’ where people are kept and utilized in various ways.

The idea is, they found out part of who we are, what is happening, how this works and how the ‘gods’ were doing this to people by realizing how the original blueprint and format for DNA could not be overcome.

One had to “sacrifice” their DNA by willful acts of destruction and disharmony against the self otherwise they could not be experimented with. This is part of this realm, as far as getting everyone to submit and agree to some form of war, spiritual degradation, disrespect, toxic food, depravity, imbalanced sexuality etc etc etc.

Regardless of that, what they found was that even though the people had no conscious idea that there were alternate versions of them being explored and manipulated in these alternate realities (including cloning), even though there was no conscious connection, the DNA TRANSFERRED THE MEMORIES.

If the person ACCESSED the memories by moving into heightened states of awareness and healing or tapping into genetic awareness, they would access THOSE alternative realities where these experiments were taking place.

So this is one way these memories and realities are INSERTED this reality through the DNA and the mind.

And this is also how these beings (people included) operate OUTSIDE of this TIME as we know it.
They found that in a similar fashion as their own experiments humanity is enclosed in a time-matrix of hypothetical realities that are suspended and superimposed over another and are all connected through the DNA to the individual experiencing this reality.

The DNA is used as an interdimensional computer system.

So now, this is a reiteration of everything I typed at the beginning of this post and that is the point. Is the DNA itself in a time loop as a result of the natural existence in this realm, or is the timeloop created by the superimposition of these temporal fields into the genetic pool of humanity using these scalar devices as described above.

In other words, did the secret operators of these technological experiments find that we are in a timeloop by creating little mini timeloops to experiment in, or did they create the very timeloop by creating those smaller ones?

We don’t know until we stop and as well we do know but this is part of the process of solving the problem and that is that this universe is a like a holographic reflector system like a hallway of mirrors and so when you look down into yourself you’re automatically creating what is seen around you.

This is literally if you shine a laser towards your chest and immediately in response lasers are shining outward towards the edges of the galaxy and shining outward into space as part of the cosmic backdrop of the universe.

So what is created down here in experimentation shades and creates the holographic containment system around us. Only in handling this, re-attributing the illusion to a solid surface that we know is not going to swim away into perceptual hallucinations or refractive fractal-holographic mirages and this is through a careful task of becoming aware of what it is to be aware.

In other words, to conclude this aspect of this post, we literally have to become aware of the holographic containment system without so much as being so conscious of it that we tick the containment system into detecting what we are doing holographically recreating the illusion all over again right where we are painting ourselves a pathway out.

This is the ‘maya’ the time matrix, and it literally recreates itself as we are conscious of it. Like a snake-eating itself, as soon as one gets far enough to realize it, it repaints a new picture that is more distracting than the last and the whole tale begins again.

That is the merry go round of illusions and the hallway of mirrors that are the perceptual barriers of the human in a realm that requires simultaneously more and less than human perception to properly perceive reality.

So reality is inherently a kind of persistent illusion as if we are not living in this world but actually stuck staring into some kind of optical illusion, or a magic-eye puzzle where one is literally caught within the perception of the perceptions which have made themselves into a complete landscape.
Instead of following along the trail of the perceptual landscape within that illusion, one must altogether produce a simultaneity of acceleration of awareness, and re-remember, as the system is continuing to live-update their feed and entrap them further, as they move faster and faster to beat the machine that is picking up their every conscious move until there is a race between one’s mind and the environment to lift up out of the illusion and snap back into their original body and take a step back from the wall or drop the magic-eye optical illusion painting from their grasp.

This would be playful if the reality of this wasn’t that people actually go through this as a form of creation into existence in a higher-dimensional temporal plane and if a person doesn’t ‘snap’ out of it, and ‘come-back’ from this dimension, then they don’t actually exist at all. Which is the powerful part of it all.

Thus, this is simultaneously a kind of repeating time-loop based on larger cycles of time, the maya, the ages, the repeating historic cycles, the long-body, and a series of smaller loops whereby an individuals consciousness is isolated, replicated/mirrored, and entrained through this process so as to produce a parameter set of perceptual boundaries that will be overlooked like goldfish in a rectangle container with a clear divider in the middle, ignoring one side of the container even when the divider is removed. Their perception keeps them trapped there.

And so it is, that people’s perception keeps them in the time-illusion, not remembering that we, as a civilization, built this place as a kind of experimentation to discover the meaning and reality of our ancestors. To us, this is a real-life 3.5 dimensional painting, or even an educational amusement ride that teaches one the meaning of life.

As well, within this ‘ride’ the stakes were upped and upped continually, one after another until the last crew that were to leave the machines for the next person down the line left literal AI ‘bounty hunter’, dimensional parasitic guard-soldiers to ensnare and trap whatever consciousness remains in the devices which is literally this system, which is literally described all over the net as a “holographic containment/maya/time matrix”.

We built this system, humanity built it from a future state and we are collectively experiencing the ancient past through the inclusion of our DNA into a device, a holographic server system powerful enough to take that DNA and map out a trajectory of existence through time and run a simulation that is 100% accurate down to each molecule and chemical-reaction. That is this situation, we are the progenitors of the future and through this we spawned ancient history which we see in this place as the present.

That is part of what we determined in these underground bases.

So yes. While some are playing “gotta get’em all” with souls, this is the reality of the situation.