Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why No Help From Our Star Families? by 'One Who Knows'

Received via email.....


Why No Help From Our Star Families?

I got this question about why can't our Star Brothers and Sisters help us get this done faster? This is a good question and the answer will be very enlightening. Here is the Post:

"Re: The Missing Piece To The Puzzle"

Dear Pamela,

I understand how you are thinking because that is all we know in our 3d World programming. It is easy to think "Bring all the Universe Down here and kick these SOBs off this Planet once and for all." But, it is a way bigger issue than "Getting something done." To quote Abraham-Hicks, one of my favorites, "There Is Nothing To Get Done." Then what is there?

What Is "Really" Important?

You may think that getting these Cabal put down and getting on with a great life is the "End Game" but it is not. The short answer is that it is our game to play and win. We are getting assistance sure enough, but just the right amount to help US WIN OUR OWN GAME. I wrote a post on this that really explains the bigger picture:

"Your Soul Is Up To Bat..." - One Who Knows - 1.22.17

100 Zillion Years From Now

I don't know how much a Zillion is, but it sounds good enough for my point. Our planet will most likely be a Sun, a giver of pure light, and while I don't know for sure, it may have planets of its own circling it as well. Just like us, Planets have an "Evolutionary" path, ascension if you will. From what I have heard and understand becoming a Sun, is a very big accomplishment for a planet. By comparison, we are just moving from 3rd dimension to 5th, and even that sounds big for us, on our path. 

The point is that whatever was Done here on Earth will be long gone. Who knows where we will be in this amazing and ever evolving Universe? Maybe we will be 10d by then or even 20d? So this begs the question "What will matter then?"

What Will Matter Then

The only thing we will have from our days on Terra (Earth), will be our experiences distilled into wisdom. It is only Learning, Experiencing and Wisdom that lasts for the eons that we will be existing. So, if that is the case, and it is, then it is not about winning the Game against the Cabal, it is how we win the game and most importantly, that WE win the game ourselves. In short it is Our Game To Win. 

We hear a lot about the Elders, and the Galactics, but in fact, it is actually us that are taking down the Cabal. It is our military, and our White Knights, and importantly, the Light Workers who are holding the light of love and expectation that empowers this transformation. To be clear, the Galactics are in the battle, but they are battling those who are outside our "League." The reptilians and invasive alien species, that have advanced technologies and space travel capabilities are being dealt with by "Like" forces from the Light. But the ground battle, is ours to fight and ours to win. 

What will matter zillions of years from now, is that we rebelled against the dark, with light and love, proved our capability, and succeeded virtually on own, at least at our level. The most important take away is that we are not just playing this game for today, we are playing it for eternity. And from the perspective of eternity, things that mattered so much in the short term, are meaningless in the long run.


By contrast, imagine a kids little league baseball team. Every time they have a game against a like size opponent (Another little league team), they call in their parents and others to play the game for them. Surely, they slaughter the other teams every time, with scores like 500 to zero. Then years later, will the kids be proud of their perfect game record? Or will it have been meaningless in the end? What did they learn and what wisdom have they derived from the games they played, or should I say watched? What about that shelf full of trophies? What do they really mean? Victory? Triumph? Success? Or is it more like nothing? 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in the matter of the defeat of the Cabal, it is our game to win. Sure we had help, but so did the Cabal. In the end it is how we win, and what we learned as the Light Triumphed over the Dark, that we will carry with us for all time. 

As I understand it, there are trillions of ships that have come to watch the game play out, and just like a little league game, there are those who would love to get in the game and kick some Cabal ass, but, it is not their game to play, it is ours. All they get to do is watch us in action and learn vicariously through our ultimate win. 

As an added point of information, we who are here at this time, are the best players on the Human Race team. Just like the best players are chosen for the championship game, we were chosen and we volunteered to be in this game, at this time, for the final Cabal take down. You can feel it in your Soul, that you are important and this time in history is important. Before you incarnated, you said "Coach, Put me in! I want to play in this final game." Only the very best were chosen because it was going to be tough. We have had to hold the light of Faith and hope despite how it looked and we did. 

We will NEVER FORGET THIS GAME. When we look at our proverbial Trophy Shelf, this win for Humanity, on Planet Earth, was not only exhilarating, it was sublime. That is a win, that was Meaningful and will serve us for eternity.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows