Wednesday, April 26, 2017

10 GCR Points To Remember - April 26, 2017

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10 GCR Points To Remember

This post is a refresher of what to expect in the coming GCR.  There is a lot upon us and sometimes it gets confusing.


#1) First Basket Currencies will All Revalue at the same time.  When one revalues, they all revalue as well.  There will be no opportunity to exchange one and then buy more of the other.

#2) All Denominations of the first Basket Currencies will be Honored.  This means every size bill, will be exchangeable.  This is especially important to know for the ZIM.  Importantly, no zeros will be loped of any notes.  They will be accepted at face value for exchange, at the rate you agree on.

#3) The Zim "Bearer Checks" will be honored and exchanged even though they have expired.

#4) If you have Zim, you will have a DIFFERENT exchange Procedure that includes exchanging at offsite locations, Including military bases, but not limited to them.

#5) Yes, the zim has a special phone number/ account relationship, but don’t worry, your money is actually in Trusts for added protection and "Trusts" have names and not numbers.  The phone number you call to set the appointment, is part of your account info with the bank, but not directly associated with any particular money account.  In short it identifies you, like your name identifies you to the bank when you call.

#6) You will not be allowed to bring any electronic items into the exchange such as phone, tablet, computers, calculators, etc.  Therefore, have a sheet of paper (Master Sheet)  that has all your important information written on it, such as Trust names, address, questions you want to ask, etc.,  for easy reference.

#7)  Bring whatever ID you have, bills, passports, DL, ss card, Birth Certificate, photo IDs etc.  Some people will have all the IDs they need, and others may not, but all will be helped anyway.  Remember that this is a benevolent plan and they realize that some may not have the IDs they need.  The bank will work with you on that.

#8)  All countries will have exchanges and will have the "Privately Negotiated Rates" available as well, especially for humanitarian projects.

#9)  Banks are NOW the safest place in the World to keep your money.  Trust the banks, and trust the plan.

#10)  HSBC is the main GCR Bank and will eventually have retail branches everywhere.  Just because there is no branch near you now, doesn't mean you can't exchange with them and get an account with them.  They will be represented at the Exchange centers, especially for the ZIM.


#11) You should call as soon as possible for your appointment, but once you call, you can set an appointment at a time that works for you. You might have a delay due to travel, work, medical, etc.  Set the time to go IN for your appointment.  I expect that there will be several days or more to call the first number.

#12) Historical Bonds can be redeemed.  Tell the operator what you have (Not amount) when you call the first appointment contact number.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows