Sunday, April 23, 2017

Aug Tellez Update - Secret Operations, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient Civilizations

The beginning and end of this is repeated so you may feel like scanning if the words are familiar.

I was involved with Solar Warden and MiLabs through the unacknowledged special access programs. Research the secret projects regarding cloning, simulation, brain to machine technology, other intelligences and underground bases. Check out my videos, written posts and the initial interview I gave with LNM radio. Watch that interview and you’ll understand more readily the situation that I am reporting from direct experiences. If you knew, you would understand why so many don’t understand. Everything is more or less a show but it’s a ‘real-life’ show.

The secret societies have protected knowledge that existed since the beginning of ‘time’. Powerful groups use ‘hazing’ ‘scenarios’ to test and procure only a certain mindset of individual. Everything beyond that is handled through mind-control which is essentially to trauma-bond the individuals to unify their intentions and to reformat the mind from a kind of free-forming development towards only exactly what is required for the duties they will handle. All monetary and authoritarian groups are traced back to the current ruling bloodlines or “elite” who are a group who were tasked with ‘handling’ the masses for this turn of history. Everything is an illusion. The advanced technology from the early 1900’s from engines that run on water and then air to Tesla’s scalar energy devices, enabled this civilization to move into the next age. The only issue is that the general public was not only not invited, but is being put through a test that will either shape their minds in a way suitable to those ‘elite’ or destroy them. This is part of eugenics which extends from earlier programs, literally from Babylon, but also from the more recent projects of WW2.

It is believed if people are not self-aware enough to see what is happening in the cities, to the children, in the schools, through the media and all the other mechanism to influence the mind that are actually degrading the general public’s ability to reason and cope with reality, then that those people deserve to be controlled and manipulated because no one is really being harmed if they’re too unaware to identify the cause of the problem as their acceptance of a BS system. This is considered consent by those handling society through these systems.

All the companies are ran by bloodline families and all the resources, power providers, information and media providers, major contracts, exploration, reporting, archeological, scientific, medicinal-pharmacological, etc etc etc is all owned by these companies. All of this is out in the open, you don’t have to be involved in a secret operation. For instance, every military has a stake of Antarctica. These very groups told me that this is not because they have penguin or snow fetishes, it is because there are vast resources there and archeological-technological-biological discoveries that would change the world forever including energetic vortex areas which are basically null-points in the magnetic field that apparently have very interesting anomalous properties. From these situations we’re told that the secret societies control all the major wars as a method to cull the populations and influence the momentum of whatever social movement was initiating such conflict or change in the first place. These same groups admitted they caused the crashing of the stock market to initiate a depression and take over the US money supply. They said that the plan they developed was to convert “America” the country then, to the corporation titled the U.S. of A. which was previously bankrupted and enabled their financial overtaking. They said the birth certificate is a contract with their system, some kind of belief and ritual generated entity they operate through as a kind of power-system figure-head which is basically whatever idea of “Satan” or an underworld being that feeds on fear and raw belief energy you can come up with to give a label. They say this practice began in Babylon and they’re not trying to be “mean” or “bad” by doing this, they just know that if they don’t, someone else will and technically they’ve got a pretty good track record for not letting the civilization implode.

However, they also claimed that they’re primarily ‘cultural shape-shifters’ who have bounced from nation to nation over the past few thousand years and literally only take on whatever appearance, culture, even religion that they require in order to blend in and build their infrastructure in that nation.

It’s pretty much genius, because they are not only highly intelligent in terms of what works, what doesn’t, as far as science and spirituality, but they learned to mimic and incorporate every single religion on the planet so that they could literally go into any church, mosque, or temple and out talk even the priest, imam or rabi. Then they’re trained early on to overcome the personality of any individual, to know how to basically mentally bully a person because they practice on each other as soon as they know how to carry out the task. The children are taught to overcome any fear or confusion and simply get what they want without listening to the resistance of who ever is in their way and to not feel empathy with that person because that will usually disrupt that process of achieving that end goal, because at least when it comes to the general public, most people are entirely unaware of what they are. These people are trained in the occult-spiritual, scientific, business and financial, ancient history and all arts and personal or objective knowledge that we could only think about studying so easily before the late 1990’s when the internet really came online.

The public libraries hold much, but no where near what their private libraries hold and what their experiments and tests achieve. They were the early morticians and surgeons in ancient civilization while commoners in those civilized yet uneducated areas would feel dread at the sight of an open cadaver. As such, they understood how the brain works, how the body is organized and modeled many ‘mystic’ sciences and followings off of this knowledge. This was the beginning of the ‘hidden knowledge’ simply because it was sourced from practices and medical procedures so frightening to the general public that they would literally, quite literally, rather simply close their eyes.

The majority of the population have cognitive dissonance, a personal emotional involvement, a cross-contamination, a lack of personal investigation, a lack of objective clarity, and a lack of personal experience with this information. I can only talk about my information as far as what I can speak about with but I was briefed on the majority, if not literally everyone in the public field speaking on these issues today. Literally, if you mention these topics anywhere then a supercomputer brought your name up and that is where we stand with this, you can see what I’m saying if you focus on the situation. These supercomputers are not toys, they literally go back and create a real life, live-update persona of the individual. Everyone’s DNA is already uploaded because there are ways to obtain this that people are not aware of. These systems entangle in ways that go far beyond what the public can even conceive based on their current understanding of physics, biology, and consciousness.

That is where parts of these projects come into play. They discovered that if you create a supercomputer powerful enough to run a simulation that is accurate enough to detail each atom then that simulation will tell you what is going to happen. As well, if you have the system run a neuronal replication of a person’s brain using diffuse MRI imaging to track the water molecules moving through each synapse then you end up with an artificial intelligence that is literally the same (intellectually, not actually) as the individual. These systems have been designed to create programs for individuals and lead them to believe these programs are real experiences. Now if you are careful enough, you will understand I just told you what you desire to know, the question is are you careful enough? Re-read what I just wrote. I’m talking only about my experiences and yes, simulations exist which make a person believe what they are experiencing is actual.

That’s to hide what they REALLY found. It’s so far entrenching and mentally challenging that they realized they would have to fracture the human persona in order to enable any living person to comprehend the truth without becoming completely incapable of interacting in society. The early families, the secret groups, they fracture the minds of their members in order to protect them for when they reach a certain age where they will then be shown how the world really works. They own everything, they’ve been here using life-extension practices and technology and they watch each civilization rise and fall, jumping from nation to nation, hiding until the time is appropriate and then returning and ruling over with complete authority. Beings, some kind of beings, artificially intelligence techno-spiritual beings, they manipulate the minds of humans in order to milk them for energy and sustenance.

The next phase of society is said to be ruled by an iron fist covered by a velvet glove. The old world is out, the new world is in and the systems will no longer use torture and violence to get what they want. However those who do not prove their self-awareness and their right to exist in a society where anything is possible, it is said, fade away due to the genetic intolerance of the chemicals, pollution, mind-control, electromagnetic pollution and all the systems that are in play to ensure that only those who can see what is happening and protect themselves will avoid inadvertently destroying themselves with the kind of powerful technology and opportunities that are being released to the population. This is basically like saying stupid people will get dumber and that doesn’t work out too well for them, but it’s not that simple. Wars are being fought and people are starving, all to serve principles of a few over the many and the entire species will eventually collapse into a much smaller, much more manageable genetic spectrum.

Antarctica isn’t the only base with an ‘energy vortex’ these are everywhere and just about around every major military base complex. The natives knew of these areas and sometimes called them “no man’s land”, or “headless land” or something like that because strange anomalies would occur around or to those who passed through them or they wouldn’t return at all. These anomalies are like temporal distortions which could be something like falling into a dream state and slipping into a strange nightmarish realm that is subjective to the sentient beings in the area. Imagine that is like taking a powerful magnet in front of TV until the colors and image distorts and warps around the fields.

Research the god helmet, this is the same effect. It was discovered that if you place magnets around certain areas of the brain you will get effects that alter aspects of consciousness like mood, memory, awareness, or perception. Then it was modified to include electromagnets so that the magnetic field could be fine tuned to specific frequencies and modulations. Then this was combined with wireless systems that are capable of projecting these frequencies just like radio frequencies from a satellite dish. They said the first experiment involved using an actual satellite dish but that this caused damage to the sensitive chest tissues of soldiers. They then used the back area of the dish by placing a smaller coupling of metal which would act as a deflector and insulator yet still provide ample radiation to initiate effects. These are mental and emotional effects from bliss to psychosis. They then advanced to test this on the nearby populations and fast forward to today and we have powerful gwen tower systems that are supplied with many times over the amount of energy required and are placed so numerously that there is electromagnetic radiation literally covering the entire populated surface.

Now if that’s not fancy enough for you, imagine that the early jewels, robes, staffs, and crowns of the elite was not to look beautiful and powerful but to channel those same frequencies of the brain and body that the modern day electromagnets did and enhance their cognition and creative capacity. Imagine that.

Research the secret space program, deep underground bases, celebrity cloning, project montauk, MKULTRA, project monarch, trauma-based mind control, genetic engineering, Solar Warden, MILABS, artificial intelligence, quantum supercomputing, disclosure and cloning station.

Celebrity cloning and psychological manipulation is real. This extended from project MKULTRA and this is a document that the CIA recently released detailing drugging and mind-control of children. Then there is project MONARCH which is ritual trauma-based mind control and abuse that is extended to the children of certain bloodline families and ultimately the future celebrities as children. Then there is operation MOCKINGBIRD which is a long-term manipulation of the pubic mind through the media via celebrities, news, movies, music and general entertainment. Through this the population can be swayed to accept certain ideals like spiritually degrading and hyper-sexualizing children. This is because the plan is to create a NWO system where pedophilia is accepted along with sacrifice and ritual abuse. This is a spiritual degradation system that has been prophesied since the beginning because this will destroy all the humans who participate in it. Those who are sent to attack others are actually AI infested and mind-controlled slaves who are not operating under their free-will but are literally filled with a false-emotion and then guided into attacking others, they’re literally mind-slaves. I was involved in secret operations regarding MKULTRA, project MONARCH, and others. There is an atmospheric fleet called Solar Warden that protects the human race and an original NAZI fleet called MILABS who uses the same electrogravitic craft to abduct, rape, and genetically modify humans through cloning. Research the celebrity cloning situation they are used in pay to play situations in the underground bases.

Events were altered, this instantly opens up a branching of time where there is a false-reality that is sustained by the consistency of the inserted event (through advanced technology permitting remote viewing and temporal dislocation) and an original reality. This opened up many issues as far as becoming entirely separated from the original reality, or from those events that branched time actually falling through (being defeated) and thus having to evac that altered time-branch.

Think of the children. I saw it and everyone knows it’s happening. Of course, this is all part of it. If people deny now, it’s because of choice. Research the ‘call boy’ scandal at the white house in the 80’s.