Sunday, April 30, 2017

Carla Fox Update - “Journeys to Meet Your Non-Human Soul Aspects”

I am very pleased to be once again presenting a workshop for Rise Multiversity.  Our topic will be “Journeys to Meet Your Non-Human Soul Aspects”.  We will be meeting on Saturday May 6, at 5 PM Eastern/2 PM Pacific time here in the US.  To register for what promises to be a very interesting workshop, please go here.  
Who are you really?  We as spirit having a human experience are often so focused on the here and now of earthly life that we fail to recognize that we are great cosmic beings with soul aspects in many realms and star systems.  Please join me as I guide you through several journeys to discover who you are as a cosmic being.  I will be helping you to expand your horizons and embrace your greater self.  
Our target will be other soul aspects of you, not past lives or genetic ancestors.  These beings will be living their lives in real time as you live yours here, and will most likely be non-human, or as we like to call them, extraterrestrials.  You will have a chance to also see how your lives are entangled and what affect that has had on you here.  We will contact positive and negative aspects, and by the end of the workshop, you will have a greater understanding of who you really are on a much grander scale.
Be prepared with a pen and some paper, as you will want to journal during the workshop.  I will also be offering a different kind of Q & A at the end of the workshop where the participants can not only ask questions, but describe their experiences.  You are invited to join this group for a very enlightening experience!  As this is the first time that I will be presenting this work, we are all bound to be surprised by the results.