Friday, April 21, 2017

GCR/RV - SITREP - Friday - April 21, 2017

General Dunford has legislative approval to release the new gold backed USN (currency) as of midnight Thursday 4/20.

The final release process began on 4/13 and is now complete.

There is no more fiat USD.  Gone from existence forever.  Good riddance.

IMF/WB/BIS/UST all agreed on a final timetable for both the private redemptions and public announcement/redemptions in Washington on Friday.

Republic / HSBC called in all redemption staff and call center personal worldwide for a "weekend training period."

All branches of the US military are contributing resources, facilities and soldiers to expedite the redemption mission.

April 30th is the targeted completion date with a May 1st public announcement.

New USN currency has been removed from their cages at the redemption centers and is being prepared for release now.

Nothing can hold the RV back this time with all global markets closed till Sunday morning.  And yes the markets being closed is an important release element.

We expect US west coast banks to close first and begin redemptions Saturday 4/22.

This will keep the masses from running the regular banks and causing unwanted confusion and media attention.

Trump's impeachment case is building momentum in the press and will climax with the RV completion.

Expect both Pence and Ryan to be back in USA this week.  Pence is stopping in Hawaii to deal with the rogue immigration judge.

The Republic's legislative agenda will be converting now that Trump won't be getting the credit.

Stay alert tonight after 9pm PST, 12 EDT... if not sooner.

Projected notes, rates and totals are as follows:

Largest                   Projected          Totals
Notes                      Screen Rates
ZIM 100T          x     3.00 USN   =   300T USN
VND 500,000  x  20.00 USN   =   10M USN
IDR 100,000     x  20.00 USN   =   2M USN
AFA 100,000    x   10.00 USN   =   1M USN
IQD 25,000       x  30.00 USN   =   750k USN

* Private redemptions complete by May 1.

God is with us.