Monday, April 3, 2017

George Kavassilas Newsletter Update - April 2017

Hallo Beautiful People

Welcome to The Infinite Express, the new newsletter format from
I am happy to announce a new format which I feel will be fun, interactive and informative.  Instead of long written articles, I am mixing it up with small video bites along with some written material for newsletter content.
In this inaugural edition of The Infinite Express, we will be focusing on Universal Lore and the principal of Closure.  Closure is crucial to where we are at in our Universal journey and is an integral part of my course content.  In this video, I share with you the basic premise and dynamics of this most powerful tool so you can begin to grasp the concept and get a feel for what it is and how it works.
Once you understand the principles, you can implement closure to any relationship or any circumstance, with any being, on any level of reality.  Closure is a powerful tool.



Thank you for the fantastic feedback regarding my previous newsletter on Technocracy.  It seems to have really stirred up some interest in people and also some matrix insecurities.

New events coming up:
  • Transcending The Matrix 4 Day Event, May 4th – 7th 2017, Byron Bay Australia
I am currently organising the following events:
  • Findhorn Scotland June 21st – 23rd 2017
  • Monterey Bay Sept 30th -1st Oct & Oct 5th – 8th  
  • Melbourne November 2017 (Dates to be announced)
  • Hawaii Feb 2018 (Dates to be announced)
More details about these events will be released soon.

On the We Are Infinite membership
  • I have created a new ‘Webinars’ section.  In it, I have posted the epic 4 hour webinar, the first in a series I presented on Rise Multiversity.  The content shared, I believe, is so powerful and transformational and I wanted our members to have access.  
  • I have also created a new dialogue format called 'BIG Small Talk' and added an interview with my friend Elise Stone. Elise has a journalistic background and knows how to ask great questions.  There's lots in it - 80 minutes of talk about the state of our reality.
  • There is also a new 'What's New' section for a quick reference of latest updates to the site.
Thank you to all the 'We Are Infinite' members for supporting me in helping you.  The community is coming together as the site grows and there are lots more exciting improvements, ideas and creations to come.
Keep an eye out for the powerful follow-up article to technocracy coming soon
AND... now for some more fun stuff
Due to lots of requests T-Shirts are now available... YAY!
You are a sovereign, infinite being. You know it - there's no doubt. Now you can declare it, wear it and share it with your world.
Simply click on the image below for purchase
 You get to choose colour and size :)

Keep shining your magificent Beingness because...
"Being Human is an act of heroism"
With love and gratitude, 
George Kavassilas
I Am Infinite!