Monday, April 3, 2017

It's Time You Know Who by One Who Knows

Received via email....

It's Time You Know Who

We are now at the end of this journey and it is time for the big reveal. I have said all along that I have sources at the very top of this process and have been bringing you the information I received. Those of you who are very close to me already know who my "Direct" sources are but now it is time to tell my Dinarland Family as well.

My Cabal Amnesty Posts have been so successful and created a VERY happy Republic Government, Very Happy White Knights, and VERY happy Ex-Cabal agents who have changed their ways and are extremely grateful for the Generous Amnesty Offer. For those who still wonder.... YES IT IS A REAL OFFER.

However, many of you have wondered who I "Know" and where my "Authority" comes from... and now, I have been given the Green Light to "Spill The Beans." This revelation is in no way self promotion, but instead to offer you comfort that when I say all is well, it really is.

My Top Sources Are:

My sources include "Source," Prime Creator, Grandfather, The Other Dragon Elders, and as most of you know Zorra as well, just to name a few. While I get my information, inspiration, and direction from every one of these sources and more, Grandfather (Of The Elders) is the author of this plan and lately, I speak to him almost every day.

As great as these sources are, I have to give huge thanks and credit to Sephora FyreByrd, who was instrumental in introducing me to these wonderful beings of the Light. She has had a relationship with them for far longer than I have been involved in this GCR saga. I tend to be the "Writer" of this group as that is my favorite means of communication. However, that being said, we are graced from time to time with a direct post from her. Let's hope we get another one before this thing goes live! Here is the most recent one from her,

"The Absence of True Intel" by Sephora FyreByrd - 3.17.17

Their Message

Clearly, the Higher Realms of Creation and the Elders especially, monitor these "Dinar" web-sights and become disheartened from time to time by what is being posted. I am sure you have guessed that they like what I post especially since it is uplifting and encouraging. While my most recent posts about the Cabal Amnesty was "Directly Approved" and authorized, my other writings are inspired by their wishes and information.

The funny thing is that I get an idea sometimes about a post to write and I start typing so fast that my fingers run into each other. The funny part is that once I post it, I later have a chat with Grandfather and find out that it was his message and he was inspiring me from "above." Even though, I can't take complete credit for the idea or the post, I can take comfort in the fact that I completely agree with everything I wrote. I am of a "like Mind" with my sources and clearly that is why we work so well together.

What Does This All Mean?

Well, as I teach, what this means is your decision and you will reap the results of that decision. However, if it were me, this means that we have been looked after by the benevolent Authors of this plan all along. They have always been here to protect you from the nay sayers, the trolls and those who would mislead you. I found out that even before I met them directly, and officially, they have been guiding my hand, to help and protect you in this process. That means that even when you thought no one heard you, they actually did and offered that comfort and assurance through my writings.

Interestingly, Zorra must have known long before me, and that is why he "INSISTED" that I go by the name "One Who Knows" since I was being guided by the highest authority there was. I always "knew" that I knew, but I later found out that I really did know, and EXACTLY why!

Intel Issues

Certainly, a lot of my posts were mine and mine alone, but I am sure all the important ones were "Inspired." However, when it comes to date predictions, I am sure you knew then, and still Know now, that you will NEVER get an exact date, even from me. There have been many times I really thought I had it figured out and I took a chance to tell you what I was thinking. But, as you know, none of the dates has yet to bear fruit. So is the nature of this wild ride, World Changing Event. However, the plan has actually changed from time to time, and I have direct knowledge of that. So I am not going to apologize for any info I gave you that did not pan out. We are all grownups here and know what is involved in this World change. If you don't, I am not going to explain it again for you here. Look up my past writings and you will learn what you need to know.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I was asked to reveal my Sources tonight. I was told that we are at the end of this ride and it was time for you all to know who my sources actually are. I can tell you that you are loved by them beyond measure. If you only knew the love an benevolence that is behind this World Saving plan, you would weep in joy.

As I have always said, all was strategy and game play to save as many people as possible including the way-ward Cabal. Love at that level knows only forgiveness and moving on. Whenever they felt you were in pain, I came forth with soothing words for you and important information. I would like to claim all my writings, but in all fairness, I cannot. In the end, it is all for you.

For my part, I have to say that I love them all dearly. I know their benevolence directly, and I can tell you, that if you recognize their love and benevolence, you will be at peace for the remainder of this journey, and the rest of your life. When you complain, it hurts me, because I know their true heart. You are always their highest priority, and all that they do is for you. Now you are the ones who "Know."

May You Recognize The Love and Benevolence That Is Being Offered To You

Signed: One Who Knows