Thursday, April 6, 2017

More Questions Than Answers by Victoria1111

Leo, Animal, Savannah, Lioness, Safari
I’m having a hard time at the moment.
Finding something to Believe in ~ other than my own abilities ~ is a challenge.
What do I give faith in?
Do I continue to put my faith in this Ascension process?
Do I continue to put faith in the idea that dark is falling, arrests are being made and Paradise is slowly (behind the scenes maybe?) manifesting?
Days like today make this faith difficult and my desire is to just stay in bed until the Event.  Or until “it’s” all over.
I read those words and shake my head because today I don’t even know what the Event is, what I want it to be or what I mean by “it” being all over.
We could have had a beautiful, blue sky today but the chemtrail criminals were at it, turning our sky into a haze, chilling the air.  That and smelling round-up and who knows what other chemicals neighbors are spraying on their yards around us brought us inside.
Taking a nap didn’t help.  Stretching.  Nada.
I feel like shit.
I feel lost.
I don’t want to be here in this reality any longer.  (Repeat that 1,000 times).
We are told we must release the need to go home and yet this is what I want!
How can I possibly enjoy states of bliss when my skies are artificial chemical concoctions of toxic filth and when my neighbors seem to think they have the right to add to that toxic soup by spraying round-up because they are too lazy to pull some weeds and too lazy to do their own research to see if what they are spraying is hazardous?  THEIR ACTIONS PUT ME AND MY CHILD INSIDE!  THIS IS WRONG – on so many levels.
This is not a Spiritual Crisis as some would claim.

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