Monday, April 24, 2017

Mr. Ed Update About COBRA and Chimera Group

Received by email from Mr. Ed... 

Intel on the Chimera Group, from Mr.Ed

Comment by Mr.Ed:

I do not wish to get in a mud slinging contest...but in light of recent comments being posted about Cobra being cabal is only an indication that whom ever is saying this is ignorant to the facts and has not followed his work or done any research.

It would be best to educate your self on a topic prior to making accusations that are unfounded.
I know a friend who attended one of Cobra's World Conferences he did a few years ago and he met him and spoke with him and I am here to tell you he has a wife as well.

Cobra and his blog site states right at the top of the page:

"This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement."  The Resistance Movement are Pleiadians who are members of the GFL (galactic federation of light) who are here to liberate this planet from the Chimera Group who control it.

Cobra is the furthest thing from the cabal and anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool. I know he is off about cannabis...but so is Sheldan Nidle...but I don't hold that against them and I do not discredit all they say because of it.  I compiled this info on the Chimera Group a few years ago and I think more people need to read it and become more familiar with the true root of the problem here.

All the best.  Mr.Ed    Agent for Truth @ RMN

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