Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Punch List" - Revaluation News - Tuesday - April 4, 2017

Received via email from Yosef.......


A final "punch list" checklist of closing items needed before the global release of revalued currency rates is still being completed, but at an accelerated and rapid pace 24/7 around the world.

General Dunford is now in Iraq reviewing the entire military status and readiness situations across the Middle East pre-RV for the Chinese Elders.

We understand 100% of Mosul has now been liberated, which means the death of DAESH and ISIS in both Iraq and Kurdistan.

Jared Kushner was also in Iraq today with Dunford cashing out the Trump family's massive Dinar stash, at least two dozen pallets, which took an entire military cargo hull and army convoy to bring into the CBI in Baghdad.

Trump's resignation depends completely on getting himself paid and the conversion of his IQD to USN.

Trump did not get to redeem any other currency but his IQD as part of an overall real estate and currency buyout amnesty agreement for his resignation at the arlsers request.

The FBI will bring federal criminal charges against Trump and his entire swamp creature crew for knowingly conspiring with a foreign government (Russia) against the best interests of the citizens United States of America.

If you voted for Trump or worship him now, you're in for one great big heartbreak, embarrassment and raw anger.

Know that Donald J. Trump is full unadulterated cabal--so do not be fooled--he along with Netanyahu in Israel, Poroshenko in the Ukraine, and Merkel in Germany are from the same Khazarian family and thus the last remaining government holdouts opposing human progress and your RV.

His impeachment caliber indictment is scheduled for sometime in April, but is still dependent on a few other legislative matters that need to happen before his burner presidency can end.

Israel's BiBi Netanyahu's resignation is also coming due.  His indictment is of a much lesser criminal charge and will immediately follow Trump's exodus, as will Merkel and Poroshenko.

Trump's goodbye is the first domino.

This will allow the US Congress to then freely approve the State of Israel's 10 year, $38 billion dollar defense package Obama snuggled into the new 2017 Federal budget.

Speaker Paul Ryan was in Asia with former President Obama Thursday through Saturday of last week getting final instructions on the restored Republic's public roll out that is coming immediately following Trump's resignation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is here in the US--Thursday and Friday--to review final Republic and USN release for the 26 colors that make up the Dragon family.

But earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday of this same week, Xi is traveling to Finland to review final release strategies and readiness for Europe's financial reset with the global collateral account contributing European Sovereign Families.

The Ukrainian/Russian Minsk Agreement has been signed, and just awaiting public acknowledgement which will demand the release of all satellite territory demanding sovereignty as well as elections and constitutional changes.

The Ukrainian/IMF $1 billion loan released today to given to a hidden government already in place.

The Russian St Petersburg subway bombings were in retaliation for not giving the Poroshenko government the Monday IMF loan.

There are similar hidden governments already seated in both Israel and Germany as well--and all four (including the USA) are ready to move on from this insane and now clearly desperate Zionist nightmare.

Do not expect anything immanent until at least Wednesday PM April 13.

This will allow nearly 6 days of private redemptions (Tuesday AM) with all banks and markets all closed for the worldwide Easter weekend.

Perhaps it really will be a transitional GCR or Global Christ Reset that makes us focus our redemption on Master Yeshua's sacrifice.

One can only pray this is so.