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RE: Cabal Amnesty, Time To Turn The Page

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RE: Cabal Amnesty, Time To Turn The Page

I got a couple of responses to my Amnesty Deals for Cabal members, which are listed below.  But, I have to tell you I couldn't care less what anyone thinks about this important operation to end this war against the Cabal.  If you are not Cabal, this message is NOT for you.  If you are Cabal, then read on.

Regarding my post on Cabal Amnesty the one thing you have to understand about The New Powers That Be & The Elders, is that it is time to turn the page.  They are not about retribution and Cabal type energies, but instead about forgiveness and moving on.  Clearly, there will be those who will be punished in a big way, but for every one of those there are thousands who will be "let off the hook" to go and live their lives in peace.  Frankly, they are in a hurry to get to the next stage of Human development and to close this chapter of Human existence. 

In that regard, it is a matter of getting everyone who was involved in evil deeds to turn to the light, or be arrested and prosecuted.  They really don't care which.  That being said, they will hold the top, most evil and deadliest of the Cabal accountable for their crimes.  But, what exactly is "Amnesty?"

What Is Amnesty?

noun, plural amnesties.

1.  a general pardon for offenses, especially political offenses, against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction.

2. Law. an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.

3. a forgetting or overlooking of any past offense.
verb (used with object), amnestied, amnestying.

4. to grant amnesty to; pardon.

The Strategy

The strategy to get as many of the cabal off the streets and/or turned to the light as soon as possible, is a simple one. It is basically 2 parts.

#1) Storm the Cabal strong holds and take them down with an irresistible force

#2) While this is going on let the lesser Cabal Actors/minions take themselves out of play by turning themselves in and getting Amnesty.

I wrote a post on the Details of the Amnesty Offer and how to get it:

Foot Soldiers

While the top of the Cabal power structure is small, the bottom is large.  These are the "Foot Soldiers" who actually do the evil deeds.  The ones who fly the Planes over our heads and spray us with deadly chemicals.  Let's not forget those who operate the HARP facilities, the ones who own and operate the hospitals and organ donor & harvesting operations.  Monsanto employees who know the secrets to the evil operations and GMO poisons.   The truck drivers, boat operators, and pilots who delivered and transported kidnapped children.  All of these "Insiders" who were in many cased forced to "Play Ball" with the Cabal, have valuable information that would help the White Knights clean up our planet of these evil Satanist.  But, this "Value" has an exportation date....  When all the Main Cabal operations have been shut down and all have been isolated and incarcerated at the FEMA camps, the information becomes less valuable.  The sooner these "Foot Solders" come forward, the more likely they will get very favorable deals.

Cabal Fear & Records

One of the great failures of the Cabal, is that they fear us so desperately, that they keep very detailed records of not only those who they spy on, but especially on those who work for them.  NOTHING is more dangerous than an "Insider" with sensitive knowledge, betraying them in some way or another. 

What Does This Mean?

Simple, NO ONE works for any part of the Cabal, that is not tracked in great detail and listed in many places.  This means that if you EVER worked for them in any way, you are on record and it is just a matter of time before your name comes to the attention of the White Knights.   Frankly, they most likely already have your name and have a plan for you. 

The Currency Question

Clearly many of the Cabal have heard about the GCR and as a natural result have obtained currencies of their own that they hope to exchange for large amounts of money.  No doubt, they have thought this will be their "Way Out" of the Cabal mess that they are in.  They may have big ideas of moving away, around the World, getting a nice house, car, and even a large boat. 

However, You should know that if you are "On Record" in any way with the Cabal operations, you will not get to keep your exchange money.  When they get to you, your money will be frozen and you will be dealt with.  You won’t be able to "Disappear" as you will be found eventually.  Once in the Cabal, especially if you flew their planes, or drove their trucks, or participated in any way in their evil doings, you will have to pay the piper, and it won’t be long from now.  That begs the question: "How can you get out of this mess?"  Amnesty of course.

I wrote a post detailing possible issues with Cabal Currency holders:

Reconciling The Cabal Operatives

This is where this Amnesty Deal makes sense.  EVERYONE who was in the Cabal operations will have to be accounted for.  They will either be dead, Captured, or let go with an Amnesty deal.  They have to reconcile their pick up list with dispositions.  If you run and hide, you have not been accounted for.  Since you have not been accounted for, You might be doing some evil deed, or planning one.  They need to account for every single person in one way or the other.

Clearly, those who are dead, will be accounted for and those who are in prison or a FEMA camp, will be accounted for.  Then of course those who have come forward and requested and received an Amnesty deal, are accounted for as well. After all, they know who they are, and they have agreed to no longer do evil deeds and as a result are basically let go free to live their life.

But, those who "Disappeared" or are otherwise unaccounted for will be continually hunted until their bodies are found or they are found alive.  Then of course, they will be dealt with. 

Benefits of Amnesty

This is where it makes so much sense to come forward and get an Amnesty deal, so that you will be free, and not have to spend the rest of your life hiding and worrying that you will be found and caught.  And if you have currency, you can exchange without worry that it will be confiscated.  It is basically freedom, in exchange for testimony, information and a promise in writing that you will NEVER again do anything against Humanity.  This is the best offer you will ever get.

The Bottom Line

This is the real deal.  It is an offer to stop the war on Humanity, and go live in peace.  In the big picture the NPTB and the Elders just want to Turn The Page and get on with the Golden Age of Earth.   We are far behind and we have a lot of catching up to do.  The faster we get all the Cabal members accounted for, one way or the other, the sooner we can all move on to a better life. 

You might be afraid, I get that, but call a military base anyway and ask for the Amnesty Deal.  Let them tell you what you can expect and what you have to do next.  You can get your name crossed of their list and be free at last to live your own life.  In the end, it is up to you.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to hide in this World.  They are going to find you one way or the other.

Frankly, this is most likely my last post on this subject.  This Amnesty Offer is an Olive Branch extended out to you, in peace and love.  Whether or not you accept this peace offering is up to you.  I encourage you to accept this offer and be free once and for all.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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