Saturday, April 15, 2017

Reclaiming Our Power by Victoria1111

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How often we give our power away.

Lifetime after lifetime.

We give it away when we react to a situation instead of being the observer and responding.

We give it away when we pray and ask for something.

We give it away when we worship.

We give it away when we call upon arch-angels and other entities and when we channel.

We give it away when we look to another to rescue or save us.

We even give it away when we go see a counselor or healer and say “help me!”

I’ve done all of the above and more.

I continue to do it – in spite of myself at times.

Not that any of this is “bad”.  I’m not trying to cast judgment.  Certainly if I were drowning or trapped under a pile of debris I would welcome help. Or if I have experienced a tragedy and am unable to handle the emotional consequences, of course I will see someone to speak with.

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