Wednesday, May 31, 2017

BREAKING - VL Insiders Reveal Upcoming Changes In The Trump Administration - Kushner To Take LOA


Thanks to Kauilapele for the following post with additional information....... 

Victurus Libertas 5-30-17… “Insiders Leak White House Info to VL”
Found this via the VL FB page. This is pretty big news coming out, as the “old guard” is, one step at a time, being exposed and dismantled. And it appears that Donald Trump is now taking charge of and clearing his inner circle.


Insiders Leak White House Info to VL (

According to several of our insiders, these are the changes set to take place mid-week:
  • Corey Lewandowski will be the Communications Director
  • Preibus will end up as the Ambassador of Greece
  • Kushner has been caught being a delivery [person] for Netanyahu and will take a “leave of absence”
  • Bannon will be in full power as head of White House staff