Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Coconuts" - Geopolitical Overview - Thursday - May 11, 2017

Hear the winds of change blowing everywhere and constantly?

Snap!  Snap!  Snap!

Like geopolitical puzzle pieces being dipped in sovereign glue and assembled into a perfect global picture of peace and prosperity.

Israel.  Snap!

Palestine.  Snap!

Russia.  Snap!

France.  Snap!

Iraq.  Snap!

South Korea.  Snap!

Ukraine.  Snap!

Republic.  Snapping right now.

Are all the misbehaving leaders of the world finally accepting the terms of GESARA and positioning their countries correctly?  Even preparing their public resignations in some high profile cases?

Sure feels that way.

And what of our Mr. Trump?  Firing Mr. Comey and then throwing Mr. Pence and his entire communications staff under the bus--knowingly and intentionally.

Why?  And why now?

Seems too overtly coincidental to be some random coincidence.  Planned dare I say? By the Russians & Chinese dare I say?

Hey stranger things have happened, the Cubs won the World Series.  Go Cubs Go!

I'm waiting for the top Republican leadership, in unison, to publicly breakaway from Mr. Trump and begin their own impeachment process in both the House and ultimately the Senate?

When in reality it only takes two men to start such a process.

Mr. Pence first needs to declare Mr. Trump unfit to lead and then Mr. Ryan will need to bring a simple impeachment motion to the floor of the House of Representatives... and off we go to a 2/3rds Congressional majority

Brothers and Sisters, its coming.  I may have been wrong concerning the timing and methodology, but not in the long-term restructuring of our restored Republic.

Ok, Yosef great... but when?

Because we know the RV is also coming.   So is Trump's resignation / impeachment linked?   Perhaps.

Are both immanent?   Maybe, sure appears that way anyway.

Do the banks have any control over timing of either?   Hell no.  They wait like we wait.  Annoyed while head scratching.

Is America on the leading edge of the RV or GESARA?   Nope, just one of 209 countries.

Have these changes already occurred and we're just waking up the fact that China and Russia are running the affairs of mankind already?   More than likely.

So what is everyone bitching about in D-Land?  

Release timing?  Exchange rates?  Redemption convenience?  Financial morality?  Maybe, but none of those things really matter to the release.

So what does?  

Peace and calm.

Last time I checked, this blessing is a gift given to humanity by a small group of sovereign families from Asia, Africa and Europe.

And they're taking as long as it must to safely position the world before releasing their gift in full.  

That's a wise decision not an immoral and mean spirited one.  

Yet we as Americans come off so damn entitled to believe that we should exchange now, before all others in greater need get theirs.  

Do not forget our own government and military establishment have caused or participated in the majority of the world's current hot zone fires.

Yet we want to run back into this new gold backed financial house before the flames have been extinguished.

Does that make any common sense?  We fuck things up so badly that we should be served first before the "all clear" is sounded?

Look, if you're upset because you need money to pay your bills or even survive, I understand your urgency--but step back and consider what is being moved to deliver this miracle straight to your front door... literally heaven and earth have shifted to rescue not just your home but your entire species and planet!

And you're angry!?   Disillusioned!?  Rage-filled!?  That's pure coconuts, in a hydraulic press having all the sanity crushed out of your brain.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself D-Land.

America's perceived post WW2 superiority in the world is what is fiat, along with our blind/ignorant trust in an asset-less money system and Messiah-like belief in Donald J. Trump as some worthy leader for our great country.

Again, that's pure coconuts from the tree I'm hanging from.

I believe the true test of the RV is two fold--waiting and education.  If you deny one, the other is unachievable.  

So if you're struggling to get to the proverbial finish line emotionally... consider buffering up on your patience and knowledge, making better use of this "limbo" time versus hurling insults and ranting with contempt towards your sovereign brothers and sisters, who are in the process of saving your nation and way of life with the least possible disruption.

Please learn to be and stay grateful.  

It might the one thing the NPTB are actually waiting on before they release this endless and abundant mercy we all desire so intently.

God is with us.