Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Free Energy Motorcycle In Thailand

Thailand Free energy motorcycle ?

by mark dansie
I am not sure 100% if they are claiming free energy here, but according to several blogs they are. If they are then why the battery? I would be much happier to see a capacitor. This is just some fun for the weekend

This story is over 12 months old and I have heard little more. There appears to be a company that is commercializing it along with a 5 kW home free energy generator and a 1 MW for the local neighbourhood. (good luck with that)

According to the English translation attached to the website: Published on Mar 7, 2016 (It would be great if someone could translate the video for us)

After the success of the magnetic field theory, electric power was produced for energy-saving motorcycles. Of the Si Satchanalai Siyathai Vocational College, some scholars have criticized the theory that this principle is unlikely. But it has received good responses from the private sector, many luxury car manufacturers. Invited to invite the team to invented the work. Contact us to buy the copyright to commercial

Explanation Picture


I do not have much more information, if anyone has been following this let me know