Monday, May 15, 2017

"Game Theory" - Geopolitical Overview - Monday - May 15, 2017

 Received via email.....

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Chinese Elders have surrounded Israel and are now choking off its resources that fuel its economy and military force, including and especially its only super power ally the United States of America (Trump).

This means squeezing their entire economy which is 2% agriculture, 16% industry (products mostly high tech) and 82% services.

Now because over 98%of their economy relies on either foreign currency or imported goods to survive, the Elders have simply eliminated both and basically rendered Israeli's economy obsolete.

Ukraine too.  Oh my.

So where's their leverage?

They believe it is in their unified chaos--insane yes--but that's what they're choosing to go with.  It's the nature of scorpions.

And their strategy rests in the perception of the world no longer tolerating anti-Semitic behavior.  That's their whole game theory.

As a result, the world has chosen to impose sovereign restrictions and sanctions on Israel or Ukraine, and ignore being demonized as anti-Semitic--when in truth the real demons are Netanyahu, Poroshenko and yes Donald J Trump, who are collectively attempting to hold the world hostage by denying the new financial system--as they know too all must go or none go.

What's the solution?

Time and pressure.  It's the only way to wear down hard rock.

But the NPTB are done waiting out the Zionists, who are literally down to 3 individual men at this point and the cowardly political and business groups they represent.

The pressure is too much to bear now and they have been forced to surrender by publicly resigning.

But they didn't!  And the deadline to surrender has come and gone as of today 00:00:01am EDT.

Enough pressure was applied over the years to indicate their intentions.  And now the NPTB are moving on in a variety of ways via import and export restrictions, currency restrictions, banking restrictions, raw good restrictions, political pressure, legal pressure, world media pressure and even straight up blackmail and arrest by military guard for treason.

There are also some covert ghost assassinations on going, but we will leave those for another blog--or never post.

Everything amnesty deal that was on the table is now off and the table has been taken away too.  These last 3 hold outs are on their own and no longer getting to pick their own ending.

Progressive growth terms for each country have already been worked out with alternative leadership who now no longer must wait patiently in the wings.

This includes our own Republic.  And this is the week it begins.

As for the Ukraine they have no leverage on their own--Russia has long eliminated their entire economy and supply lines (China has done the same with North Korea many years earlier).

But there are still two game theory scenarios left for the world's last remaining geopolitical sovereign nation problem ... Israel:

1) Netanyahu will be forced to resign and accept the international compromise of a two state solution and return to pre-1967 boarders, as well as recognize Palestine as a nation state (Israel is recognized too btw), returning Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Palestine.


2) Netanyahu refuses to exit and is arrested and tried for treason in an international war crimes court, with Israel ceasing to exist as a nation state--forcing all current Jewish inhabitants to live either under Palestinian control or immigrate back to Europe (primarily Ukraine the native Khazarian homeland).

At this time we don't know which option he's taken.  But we believe Netanyahu will resign, as will Poroshenko and Trump in tandem--as they all agreed to resign already.

But as of Monday morning they have not -- publicly -- which is the key.

So finally the world is moving forward without the Zionists, and that is occurring right now, quietly, as all Paris Agreement governments have stopped buying and selling goods and services to any country or leader not in good standing with the new Chinese financial system (asset backed) as of Monday 12:01am EDT May 15, 2017.

This effectively ends the cabals rule over humanity because it cripples there's economies and no leader can keep the peace within their own political bodies or populations without money.

See the current Trump Administration for a clear example of that.  Trump's executive orders are just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Currently, every country is on board with smoking out these misbehaving rogue sovereign exceptions: Israel (Netanyahu), Ukraine (Poroshenko) and United States of America (Trump).

(*North Korea was long ago isolated by China and deemed militarily controllable.  They are seen as a nuclear threat only to their own population at this stage.)

Yet these last 3 desperadoes have decided to negotiate in a single pack instead of as individual nations because they create more leverage together than apart--what's interestingly is that all three leaders are related by birth to one another (children of the cabal).

Now the entire pack will be taken down in a matter of hours at some point this week, as none came to an agreeable renegotiated public exit over the weekend.

Such negotiations with the cabal have now stopped we are told.  Finished.  Over.

This is what one gets when deciding to permanently wrestle with Yahweh.

So let the political fireworks begin and Yeshua's wealth flow out to the masses.  Sobeit.

God is with us.