Monday, May 15, 2017

"Hot Mess" - Geopolitical Overview - Monday - May 15, 2017


Im so tired of following the Trump soap opera, how about you?

What a hot mess.

How did it get this bad in American politics  that it was deemed we as a nation needed this train wreck to awaken us?

Yet it did.  And here we are.

Believe it or not, Russia's Putin and China's Xi have us now begging for a different government and leader and a gold backed currency--to basically save our country and restore our American way of life--but also replace America with China as the world's leader.

Amazing.  Pathetic.  True.

Even more amazing, pathetic and true is that 99.999% of Americans have no clue this is happening let alone why.  Apathetic would be a good way of describing Americans.  Oblivious another.

Shocking that a burner Trump presidency could convinced us he was an organic leader.  But he did.  Yet it was part of the Elders plan to create a pre-planned... pretend... political pageant designed to penalize (stain) our nation across the ages.

Worked.  Totally and completely.  And taught us all a very hard life lesson.  And most to all bought it hook, line and sinker.

That's the real truth.

The Elders served it to us cold and slow, a little too rough if you ask me, but we had earned it with generations of our indifference, right?  Right.

Because in America, reality became our fantasy and fantasy our reality.  Yet fantasy is just that--fantasy--and reality had to resurface as all truth eventually must.

Now is just the historic time to see all our flaws.  Confess all our sins.  Make amends and move the hell on.  Sobeit.

Meanwhile, we have been put through some bizarro opposition transition from the way we thought things were to the way things actually are--courtesy of the rest of the world.

And it wasn't pretty.  Neither were we.  But we came through it hopefully with the greater good lesson learned.

Please Lord, let it be so.  Don't make us repeat this brutal experience.

If I have to see another 70 year old spray tanned bullshit artist tweeting like a drunk teenager my soul is going to melt.

Zimbabwe isn't the poorest country in the world--per capita it's by far the richest.  And America isn't the most enlightened nation on the earth, it's the most spiritually ignorant by far.


Were we that far off?  Is our collective conscious mind constantly lying to our subconscious mind without any internal audit so one had to be done for us to snap Americans back into the correct dimension?

Yup.  Because it just happened.

Did it have to be the Trumpet?

Yup.  Because that's what happened.

The application of his brand of insanity was tortuous to put in kindly.  And yet as an awakened American--I had to eat it like everyone else knowing full well it was all a show.

At least it was only two years.

Mercifully, the con of all con's has ended.

The remaining cabal minions have collectively surrendered as of last night we are now told.

Trump agreed to a firm and irreversible date for his resignation last.  Have you noticed not even a single tweet from him today and on a Monday.  That's a first.

Because it's over.  Really over.

Resignations are coming from BiBi in Israel and Poroshenko in the Ukraine.  Both were under armed house arrest like Trump this weekend.

Supposedly, as the story goes, they were all separated from their communications (each other) and asked at the point to sign and videotape their resignations at gun point or die.

Their choice would be executed on the spot.

Now they had worked out a previous plan to resign at the exact same time--and that's what happened--they all reigned on the spot.

They surrendered in the same five minutes, together, just as they once all stood in defiance together.

They literally took it to the last possible second--even though they got less not more to wait.

Yet they made us wait because they loathe us--pure bred humans with divine souls. And we in return forgive them... because that is our nature.

The mercy will now begin to flow anytime after markets close on Monday and reopen on Tuesday.

God is with us.