Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lawsuit: Hillary Clinton Allowed Pedophiles Adopt Orphaned Kids In Haiti

Newly released emails reveal Hillary Clinton was open to pedophiles adopting orphaned kids in Haiti

According to a new batch of documents released by Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton authorised pedophiles to adopt orphaned children in Haiti.

The new batch of emails obtained via FOIA reveal that senior State Department staffers were told to expedite the adoption of Haitian orphans following the devastating earthquake in 2010.

According to minutes of a January 27, 2010, senior State Department staff meeting, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents uncovered “at least a couple pedophiles” attempting to adopt children in Haiti following the earthquake. The State Department was reportedly working with the Haitian government to expedite adoptions and removal to the United States of Haitian orphans. reports:
Its just three large pdf’s looking through them now for the minutes of the meeting or where this reference came from its not listed.

US state officials working with Haitian local gov to expedite adoptions related to pedophiles this could be a serious nail in Hillary’s coffin. Will update post with finds
  • On the 2nd batch of emails page 133 discussion on a conference with the FM of Friends of Haiti and canadian ministers.
  • P144 2nd batch: Full list of paticipant countries: Canada, Peru, Haiti, Brazil, France, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina, UN not confirmed.
  • P331 2nd from H: “…please.. explain our orphan procedures …. Senator said he had about 15 families through the adoption process”
  • P342 2nd batch; general notice from Luis CedBaca regarding child trafficking in Haiti.
  • P348 2nd batch; update on changes in the Hitian orphan approval process.
  • Nothing else pg related I could see on that 2nd batch, could be wrong. Sleep now more updates tomorrow…
  • Ok so Batch 1 page 233: Not sure what to make of this, a thank you email for the return of a child, that was apparently abducted , to the Goldman family, thanking the Secretary for her input resolving the matter. Edit: a custody battle where the state represented the father David Goldman.
Here it is! Page two on the following link, ICE detected pedophiles trying to adopt local children.
CNN report linked for relevance showing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

“authorizing the use of humanitarian parole for orphans who are eligible for adoption in the United States will allow them to receive the care they need here”